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    The game has changed...

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    Disney’s TRON LEGACY. It’s easily the most anticipated movie of the year for myself and a horde of grid-loving fanboys across the country. But how much does the average joe know about TRON? Or more accurately, the average jane? With so much television, video games, and other forms of entertainment out there, it’s not enough to simply market a movie the old fashioned way. You need word of mouth. You need to build awareness. And despite the successful reaction at Comic-Con, it’s no longer a done deal. There’s still a lot to be done and Disney stepped up to that challenge.

    Thursday, October 28, 2010 was declared TRON NIGHT -- AN IMAX 3D EXPERIENCE. Five hundred theaters across the U.S. along with nearly 50 countries world wide sneak peaked roughly 24 minutes of completed footage from the upcoming film TRON LEGACY. A few scenes were presented to us that gave us just enough to want more. If Tron Night were a bar, this would have been the beer sampler… only I would immediately want the full glasses of each scene as soon as it was done.

    There is no doubt that this film will be incredible on a visual level. There is no doubt that the music by Daft Punk will rock our world. The ultimate test will be if there’s enough emotion to carry the film through. From the footage shown, I feel confident that they’ve pulled it off. The performances from what I’ve seen are already light years beyond the Star Wars prequels.

    At the Los Angeles Tron Night at Universal City Walk, a surprise appearance by Tron writer and director Steven Lisberger greeted the crowd, all wearing neon glow. He spoke about the origins of the original Tron, how kids were taken to a Disney film and the parents had no clue what was going on. Those ten year olds who embraced the film then are now at the age to make the bold steps to continue Tron. No cameras or recording devices were allowed into the theater so you’ll just have to hope for some bonus features on the DVD to see what he says. After some swag, toys, and hats were thrown into the audience, the footage was revealed.

    Over at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA (Walt Disney’s original), a separate Tron experience was being held on the exact same night. Through the Disney Parks official blog, 3,000 lucky guests were invited to their after-hours ElecTRONica Meet-Up held at Disney California Adventure Park (directly across from Disneyland). Tron Legacy Screenwriters Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were on hand for Q&A and special signing and props and costumes were on display. For everyone who attended, an exclusive Commemorative Flynn’s Arcade coin was given as a special gift.

    But don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend the ElecTRONica Meet-Up. ElecTRONica is happening every weekend at Disney California Adventure! Fans can experience live DJs, entertainment and dancers; classic 80s arcade games inside a recreation of FLYNN’S; all new TRON: EVOLUTION gaming zone; and an EXLUSIVE 3D SNEAK PEEK at Tron Legacy. Even if you’re not a fan of TRON, you can still enjoy the fun and excitement in this evening fun-filled party. Themed alcoholic drinks, exclusive merchandise, and face paint await all who enter this electrifying interactive nighttime party. Admission to Disney California Adventure required.

    TRON LEGACY opens nation-wide on December 17th.

    Words and photography by David Yeh.

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