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    Tonner Dolls Firefly Captain Malcolm Reynolds & Browncoat

    He's a pretty big damn hero...

    The Firefly Captain Malcolm Reynolds Tonner Character Figure is available for purchase at

    For all the latest in Tonner Character Figures, including fan-favorite licenses such as Twilight, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and more, visit

    Let’s face it; Firefly fans haven’t had the best time. Their show got cancelled before its time (but they got a pretty cool movie), and there hasn’t really been much in the way of collectibles. But don’t fear, loyal Whedonites, for the Tonner Doll Company has come to your rescue with the shiniest line of Firefly characters you’ll ever see! The brainchild and creation of Robert Tonner, the Tonner Doll Company is one of the world leaders in high-end collectible dolls and figures. All of their products feature incredible sculpts and fabric elements, and their licenses include such giants as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight, Disney, DC Superheroes, and much more. Each figure in these lines gets the full royal treatment, with the articulation of an action figure and the authentic costumes and accessories of a fashion doll. The new Firefly license includes several of your favorite characters from the show and movie. Today we’ll be looking at “Captain Tightpants” himself, Malcolm Reynolds!

    Each Tonner collectible doll comes packaged in a unique “shoebox” style carton. Mal’s box is a nice shiny black with the Firefly logo on the front, along with the statement “Based on the TV Series by Joss Whedon.” There’s not much going on here, but it looks sleek and sophisticated. Open up that box and you’ll see Reynolds nestled in a cardboard insert, securely affixed by silk ties. There are protective bags over his hands and feet, with a hairnet wrapped around his head. Surrounding him in the box are all of his accessories and the parts to his display base.

    Firefly became a cult classic in no small part to the portrayal of Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds by actor Nathan Fillion. A couple of action figures and small statues have not done the character justice, but Tonner is here to change all of that. The Browncoat is based on the “male athletic body,” and is approximately 17 inches tall. Aside from the fantastic clothing and accessories, the doll features a Nathan Fillion-based head sculpt complete with brunette wigged hair. The likeness is somewhat fanciful instead of strictly "accurate," and the hair is very dynamic and realistic.

    All of the Tonner dolls wear real cloth clothing, and Malcolm has quite a wardrobe. Packed in the box he wears a gold undershirt, burgundy cotton shirt, twill trousers with suspenders, and a faux leather belt. In addition, he comes with socks, faux leather zippered boots, and a faux leather gun holster. It’s a pretty simple matter of putting on his socks and zipping up the boots. The holster is a bit more complicated, as it involves unclasping Mal’s belt and finding an appropriate place on his leg to wrap around the holster’s lower strap. Once all of that is done Reynolds is ready for action. As with all of the Tonner dolls, the clothing here is covered in completely authentic details from stitching to cuffs, buttons and snaps. The last accessory is Malcolm’s trusty pistol, a “Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B.” This miniature version is a resin reproduction with a fantastically intricate sculpt. And while Reynolds can’t easily wield his sidearm due to his open hands, there are poses that still look good with him holding it, and of course it fits perfectly in its specially designed holster.

    Along with its hefty size and musculature, Malcolm’s male athletic body has standard articulation with joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, knees, and ankles. That’s very good for any figure, and on something this large it’s great! He’s quite poseable and balances extremely well. He also comes with a Tonner display stand which will definitely come in handy for extreme action poses or long-term positioning on your shelf.

    Captain Reynolds is the first doll in Tonner’s Firefly line where he’s joined by crewmates Inara (sold out), Zoe Washburne, and Jayne Cobb. Especially considering the lack of great Firefly figures out there, these are pretty much the definitive collectible versions of these characters! Malcolm alone is an extremely well-crafted doll that looks great on display or posed for action. At about $155 he’s a good deal for the craftsmanship and attention to detail that only Tonner can provide, and what Firefly fan can resist that face? But if you’re a true Browncoat yourself, there’s one more thing you can’t go without...

    There’s a reason you’re called a Browncoat, and why Malcolm was the original: his Browncoat, of course! And that’s why your Mal doll will not be complete without the Tonner Direct Exclusive Browncoat. Made from high quality faux suede, the coat features real metal buckles! It’s perfectly sized to the Malcolm figure, and even with his strong arms and chest the coat was easy to put on. As with the captain’s regular clothing, the Browncoat is tremendously detailed from the unique cut of the hem to the thick cuffs. It even has the famous “bullet hole” on the sleeve from the pilot episode!

    The coat does little to hinder Malcolm’s poseability, but really looks great on the doll. While it’s not 100% necessary, for hardcore fans the $40 Browncoat (available here) will be the perfect complement to an already great figure.

    Check out lots more photos of this great figure below!

    Review and photos by Scott Rubin.

    Review sample courtesy of Tonner Dolls.

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