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    Tonner Dolls Doctor Who Tenth Doctor & Time Lordís Coat

    The ultra popular Time Lord is back, in style...

    The Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Tonner Character Figure is available for purchase at

    For all the latest in Tonner Character Figures, including fan-favorite licenses such as Twilight, Firefly, Lord of the Rings and more, visit

    The brainchild and creation of Robert Tonner, the Tonner Doll Company is one of the world leaders in high-end collectible dolls and figures. All of their products feature incredible sculpts and fabric elements, and their licenses include such giants as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight, Disney, DC Superheroes, and many more. Each figure in these lines gets the full royal treatment, with the articulation of an action figure and the authentic costumes and accessories of a fashion doll. As Tonnerís licenses continue to expand, theyíre now including some of the best sci-fi television shows from across the pond including Doctor Who and Torchwood. Today weíll be looking at the first doll from the Who line, the Tenth Doctor himself!

    Each Tonner collectible doll comes packaged in a unique ďshoeboxĒ style carton. Thereís a plain outer sleeve, but inside youíll see a sturdy box decorated with the swirling ďtimey wimeyĒ patterns of the time stream along with a prominent Doctor Who logo. Pull of the top and you unveil the doll itself, very securely bundled up. The Doctor is attached to his box by silk ties (cushioned by foam) and has plastic bags over his head, hands, and feet. Also attached safely to the box in their own plastic baggies are all of his accessories.

    While the first ďmodernĒ Doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston, it was really David Tennant playing the Tenth Doctor who made the show a worldwide phenomenon. Tonner brings that character to life here as never before, in a tremendous scale and with great features. The Time Lord is based on the articulated ďMatt OíNeillĒ body, and is roughly 17 inches tall. You wonít be seeing a whole lot of the body as itís covered by the fantastic outfit, but check out his head sculpt! The BBC-authorized likeness of David Tennant is spot on, with a serious yet slightly whimsical expression highlighted by his big brown eyes and trademark flamboyant hairdo.

    Tonner dolls are well known for their real cloth clothing, and the Doctor is a great example of this. The always dapper Time Lord wears an outfit consisting of a dark two-piece pinstripe suit, white shirt, red tie, black socks, and white and red canvas tennis shoes (known to the British as plimsoles). The detail on these items is remarkable, truly fully-functional clothing in miniature. The stitching and hems are perfect, and the pockets and snaps work! The Doctor comes packaged barefoot, so itís up to you to slide on his socks and shoes. Then there are even shoelaces to tie to complete the picture. Other than the clothing, the Doctor has one absolutely crucial accessory, his trusty Sonic Screwdriver! Perfectly in scale with the doll, the technological gadget has both heft and a nicely detailed sculpt. If you pose him carefully the Doctor can hold the Screwdriver, and itíll fit in any number of his pockets.

    The Doctor has the standard articulation for the Matt OíNeill body, with joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, knees, and ankles. Thatís very good for any figure, and on something this large itís great! The Doctor is very poseable and balances extremely well. Of course, included with the Doctor is a Tonner display stand so you donít have to worry about him taking a dive off of your shelf.

    The Tenth Doctor figure is the first in a new line of Doctor Who dolls from Tonner, and heís already joined by companion Martha Jones, not to mention compatriots in the Torchwood line. Tonner dolls arenít cheap, but their quality speaks for themselves. Even at about $180, for Doctor Who fans this doll will be a collection centerpiece, and any collector of high-end dolls will definitely want to get their hands on him. But for true hardcore fans, thereís one more thing youíll need to complete your Doctor...

    While the Tenth Doctor always wore a stylish suit, he frequently accessorized it with a great duster. You can now complete your Doctor doll with the Tonner Direct Exclusive Time Lordís Coat! A full size faux suede duster, the coat comes packaged in a slim clear package. Itís tied to a plastic backing so that you can see it in all of its glory, and it does look very good. Obviously, it belongs on the Doctor, and thankfully itís not too difficult to get it onto the doll. Be aware of the thumbs though; the coat has a full liner which is very cool, but it can get caught on the fingers as youíre putting it on.

    Simply put, the coat looks great. The material really feels and looks like suede, and itís got the appropriate buttons, collar, hem lines, and more. Itís big and substantial, but yet at the same time it doesnít completely restrict the movement and poseability of the doll. If youíre a fan and putting down the money for the Tenth Doctor figure, you really owe it to yourself to go the extra step and supply him with his Time Lordís Coat (available here) for only $50 more.

    Check out lots more photos of this great figure below!

    Review and photos by Scott Rubin.

    Review samples courtesy of Tonner Dolls.

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