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    MMS126 - Predator 2 Guardian Predator Exclusive

    Another of the galaxy's greatest hunters in perfect plastic form...

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    PHOTOGRAPHER NOTE: Two lights and filters were used to photograph the Guardian Predator figure; a yellow filter/light combonation (which gives the figure a warmer, brownish color) and a white filter/light combination (which gives the figure its more accurate blue/gray/silver color).

    Since the latest addition to the Predator film series hits home video tomorrow (don't forget to enter to win a copy on DVD HERE!), we thought it appropriate to review the latest addition to the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series of highly-detailed 1/6th scale action figures today.

    Enter the Guardian Predator, which was available in the USA exclusively through Sideshow Collectibles at San Diego Comic Con and overseas at the Hong Kong Toy Fair.

    Based on one of the Predators seen at the end of Predator 2, this new figure features a variety of accessories and armor seen on previously released figures as well as a few unique accessories of his own...


    One thing Hot Toys does well is make a beautiful package. The Guardian Predator figure comes in a slipcase window box with images of the figure on both the front and back of the slipcase as well as basic design and development information. Likewise, the interior window box features a rectangular cut-out around the figure inside, allowing potential collectors and buyers to see the figure inside.

    The figure body, armor, and all accessories are held protected inside a form-fitted plastic sleeve which ensures each part and piece arrives in mint condition. Unlike many of the originally released Predator 2 figures, the Guardian Predator already has the armor and body net on it and comes ready to equip with accessories and display.

    Overall, the packaging is both eye-catching, protective, and informational: everything a collector and fan wants...


    Utilizing a 1/6th scale body similar to a few of the previously released Predator figures, the Guardian Predator features a textured body which includes sculpted hands, feet, body parts and armor. Likewise, the head sculpt features the always present dreadlocks as well as interchangeable mandibles which have made the last few Hot Toys' MMS Predator releases so popular - after all, the only thing better than a cool looking head sculpt is being able to give it a different look with interchangeable parts! Everything from the beady little eyes to the roaring mouth make the head sculpt impressive!


    Thanks to the colder, darker colors used here - including the blue/gray body paint application and the metallic silver armor paints, the Guardian Predator (essentially a repainted and re-equipped Predator 2 Predator figure) looks both original and new.

    The colder colors used on the armor give the figure a much more mechanical look than its predecessor while the darker blue/gray skin makes it more reptilian in appearance. While fans will instantly notice the resemblance of the two figures should they see them next to one another, fans who collect the Hot Toys MMS Predator figures will add the Guardian Predator as a welcome addition.


    As previously mentioned, fans who own the Predator 2 Predator will instantly recognize the Guardian Predator's armor; it's simply a repaint of the original. However, thanks to the addition of new equipment and weapons, the figure takes on a life all its own.

    First, the figure includes the always-present wrist computer, which - as fans know - provides both control of the biomask as well as provides plenty of destructive power if and when necessary.

    Second, the new biomask is completely original. This "Gort" mask - named for a model kit company which made a kit of the character years ago - is a welcome addition to the Predator line-up. Accurately capturing the original mask seen at the end of Predator 2, completists are a bit happier for finally having one more Predator 2 figure to add to their collections...are so are we!

    Third, there's the gas mask, which features beautiful sculpted detail as well as precise paint work. This too gives the figure a completely original look and allows for some variety in display options when putting it on your shelf with your other Predator figures.

    Fourth, there's the massive skull of some unknown beast from somewhere out there. While we're given no real history about the skull nor its original owner, we know this: the Guardian Predator killed it and deemed it worthy to add to his collection of trophies, making it a valued addition to the collection of previously released Predator accessories.

    Lastly, there's the awesome arsenal of weapons this hunter carries. Ready for battle with both a telescoping spear, smart disc, net gun and shoulder-mounted plasma cannon, the Guardian Predator is one of the most well-equipped and armed hunters Hot Toys has released.


    As previously mentioned, the 1/6th scale body used here is the same Hot Toys has used on previously released Predators, proving the figure with plenty of articulation and posing options.

    The figure features ball-jointed ankles, hips, chest, shoulders, neck and wrists as well as double-hinge joint knees and elbows. The thighs and biceps also both feature pin/twist joints, allowing even more poseability. Overall, the figure can be posed in a variety of battle stances and positions.


    The Hot Toys MMS126 Predator 2: Guardian Predator figure was originally offered as a Comic Con 2010 exclusive by Sideshow for $189.99. While this price is slightly more than previously released Hot Toys Predators, it's almost a steal considering this figure is said to be limited to only 500 pieces.

    However, because this figure instantly sold out when Sideshow offered it domestically and die-hard Predator fans who missed it had to purchase the figure on the secondary market, the price has quite literally sky-rocketed. In fact, I've seen this figure sell for upwards of $650 on eBay with 25+ bids. At this price, one starts to seriously question the sanity of the buyer...but I'm not a completist nor a die-hard Predator fan.

    If you ARE a completist, have to have the Guardian Predator figure and you weren't able to get it at retail, your best bet at this point is to wait for the release of the new Hot Toys MMS Predators figures later this year and early next year and hope collectors and fans sell their Guardian Predator figures so they can afford the newer, larger Predators MMS figures.

    Overall, the Guardian Predator is an impressive addition to the ever expanding roster of super-detailed, accurate and beautifully created Hot Toys MMS Predator figures. While he may be nothing more than a re-equipped and repainted Predator 2 Predator, he's also a unique character with plenty of cool armor, equipment and weaponry, ready to hunt any and all prey anywhere in the galaxy.

    Be sure to check out the images below for more of the Guardian Predator!

    - Jess C. Horsley

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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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