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    Collector's Edition SLINKY DOG

    The original Toy Story mutt...

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    It's the original! Created by James Industries, the dog with a real Slinky as a body can be yours! The toy that inspired the character of Slinky Dog in the Toy Story films can still be purchased online and in specialty stores for as low as $13 to as high as $20. I picked up this toy for no other reason than to display alongside my Thinkway Toys Toy Story Collection of full scale movie replicas and while Slinky Dog is not the perfect display piece, it does a decent job.

    I'm not 100% certain about this but the packaging for Slink can differ but it's the same basic toy inside. I've seen your standard retail outlets carry Slinky Dog in stock but with Toy Story specific packaging. The boxes never showed the actual toy so I refrained from buying those. Seeing the retro original style box was much more comforting.

    There is an included certificate of authenticity that does answer some questions many may have. It reads:

    The Collector's Edition Slinky Dog has been recreated in authentic detail down to his quirky leash. Originally placed on his chest, the leash was relocated to his head before production began in 1953 in order to keep his head up while walking. Today, the leash is shorter to comply with federal safety regulations.

    And just as it says, the leash coming out from between his eyes is super short. It's barely long enough for anyone to pull. But since I was trying to be Toy Story accurate, snip snip and off it came. There's also a string holding Slinky's front to his back. This restricted Slink from really stretching out so that also had to go.

    There's unfortunately no articulation on Slinky Dog as he was meant as a pull toy (complete with little wheels on the bottom of his feet) and there's no way for him to look left or right. I'm unsure if an updated version will ever get made but after three films, they're still selling the same one. If you're a Toy Story collector, this is a very cheap item to add.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

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