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    Ask Matty Q&A - OCTOBER 1st

    MOTU questions galore...

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    This is a follow-up question to the one asked about Battle-Lion in the Q&A on the 7/1/2010. I understand that it makes sense to bring the majority of the "humanoid" characters into the same scale, I expect that Buzz-Off, for example, will not have a unique skinny body as seen in the MYP/200X series. However, Battle Lion was a mountain of an animal, he was at least 3-4 times bigger than Battle Cat. Is there any way you could at least do a 2-up on the Battle Cat mold? Would you consider putting up a poll to ask fan opinon on the mattycollector boards?

    If we did Battle Lion, he would use the Battle Cat buck. The "larger size" that characters like Beastman and Whiplash (or Battle Lion) had are part of the 200X style, which is retired. All the figures in Classics will be based on the scale relations in the vintage line.
    Is there a likelihood that we may see more undersized characters like Orko in the line? Characters such as Odiphus or Marzo in his 'old man' state?

    In time we would love to get to these, it just takes the right execution. One of the nice things about a line sold online is we are not restricted to package size or price point the way we are at retail.

    When you get round to reissuing Tri-Klops, will he have a corrected left forearm?

    Tri-Klops is final as designed by the Horsemen.
    Is there a release date set for the 2nd wave of DC Vs MOTUC 2-packs and when will the third pack be revealed?

    The second wave should be out in fall of 2010 but that is dependent on a lot of logistical factors outside of our control. Wave 3 will likely be revealed by the end of the year.
    We are very dissapointed that the 200X head for Grizzlor will not be included with the figure in November. Would you consider releasing a 200X head pack in the future that can include the additional head or will you eventually do a quarterly variant of him with the unused head?

    We might one day to a more 200X styled pack, but not at all in the current online series. If the line ever goes to retail, this would be a fun way to refresh characters!

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    Sweet! Thanks for using some of my questions Jeff. It's just a shame the answers are as evasive as ever, lol!

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