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    Transformers Human Alliance - JAZZ

    A Transformer toy to get jazzed up about...

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    Transformers Human Alliance, toys based on the live-action films and, in my opinion, some of the best Transformers on the market today. The main draw of the line isn't really the inclusion of the human figures but rather the higher level of quality and detail in the Transformer itself. Sure the extra figure could be fun for the kids, but let's be honest, we're here for the 'bot.

    The latest Human Alliance is Jazz, the streetwise Pontiac Solstice from the original film and he comes with Captain Lennox (played by Josh Duhamel). There's a special added bonus in this set and that is a motorcycle that also acts as Jazz's weapon.

    The Transformers Human Alliance toys don't come cheap, priced between $29.99 and $34.99, but they're amazing toys and worth the extra money. Sure, you can get a deluxe figure for less but what you won't get is a Transformer that is great in both modes.

    PACKAGING: Autobot Jazz comes in the brand new style of Transformers movie packaging using a gold palette (Also shipping with Jazz is a repaint of Bumblebee and Sam). The packaging does well showing us the goods while giving us colorful graphics on all sides the box.

    The toy is even presented in a mini-diorama of sorts, which really adds to the fun. The back of the box presents various highlights of the toy and the typical specs and bio that one can always expect.

    This isn't a collector friendly box as you will practically take it all apart to get to your toy(s). A good thing, however, is the use of threaded straps replacing the twist ties. These straps are better for the toy and much easier to remove.

    HUMAN ALLIANCE: Rather than discussing both Transformer and Captain Lennox throughout the review, I think it best to get him out of the way early on. Captain Lennox is one of the heroes of both films and while Jazz doesn't live to see another film, Lennox lives on and is slated to appear in the third installment. The sculpt is certainly not up to par with other figures made by Hasbro but due to their smaller scale, I can understand the limitations. He's also standing pretty short compared to Sam.

    Paint doesn't particularly stand out and using the camera; the inconsistencies are much more visible than with the naked eye. Still, while the likeness is way off, the figure itself serves its purpose. He has a fair amount of joints, giving him the ability to ride inside Jazz or on the motorcycle, or wherever else there's a battle station.

    CAR MODE: As previously mentioned, Jazz is the sleek Pontiac Solstice and it's a remarkable representation of it. The plastic in this color is much more attractive than Bumblebee's yellow or Skid's green. The headlights, windshield, and windows are all clear plastic which adds to the authentic look. The doors open up to allow Captain Lennox (or any other human alliance figure) to cozy on in.

    Paint on the car mode is minimal at best but there are some areas that could use some extra detail: the lights and license plate on the rear are completely absent. It's a minor flaw but a flaw nonetheless.

    ROBOT MODE: Transforming Jazz from car to robot couldn't be more straightforward. He's classified as a Level 4 "Advanced" Transformer but found him much easier to trasnform than all the previous Human Alliance 'bots. I might even say that itís pretty fun to transform Jazz!

    I have to apologize upfront for some of these photos. I followed the instructions on where everything should go, but there's a few steps I learned only after I took these shots. The first one is his headlights, which have the ability to be adjusted a tad bit. Also the part on his thigh can come all the way to the front of his legs, keeping him from looking too exposed. The last bits are the collar bone-like pieces that can be adjusted above his chest. I have mine angled downward to form a V.

    Standing in robot form, Jazz is a pretty impressive Transformer. Offhand the only real gripe I have would be the size of his hands as they're really tiny, but it's a minor issue. Legs, torso, head are all well proportioned and excess car parts are decently hidden. The roof of the car is hanging on his back but itís not quite as apparent as Sideswipe's.

    For the head, Jazz has two different looks. One is the standard face with his blue visor down, but you can also flip a switch on the back of his head to expose his... well... I think they're his eyes? There's definitely no point in showing off the head without the visor but I guess I'm okay with that feature since it does add play value.

    Like the other Human Alliance Transformers, Jazz has a pretty impressive amount of articulation as well. Unfortunately his head is not ball jointed so he's limited to side-to-side motion and he doesn't have waist articulation either. But he does have the cut neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, thighs, knees, and a side toe that helps balance.

    As far as accessories go, the included motorcycle can transform into a shielded blaster weapon that plugs into either arm.

    In closing, this is an incredible Transformer and looks great in both car and robot modes. A great likeness to the film makes this one to pick up for sure.

    For even more images of the Transformers Human Alliance Jazz - over 50 new photos - CLICK HERE!

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

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