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    Ask Matty Q&A - SEPTEMBER 15th

    Ordering improvements coming to MattyCollector, MOTUC 200x head debate continues, more...

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    Now that management has decided to evicerate the 200X heads from future MOTUC figure releases, does this mean that we will get seperate "CLASSICIZED" 200X variants of these figures in the future?

    It is always possible.Toy Guru is a huge fan of the 200X line and is always working with management on what is possible in the line.
    There is no doubt that many great MOTUC figures such as Gygor, Weapons Pak #2 and the Eternian Royal Guard 2-pack will be available to purchase soon yet we still continue to face major slow-downs and problems on month after month. Can you please tell us a little more about what is being doing logistically with Digital River to make the shopping experience more pleasant for future sale dates?

    We are working with Digital River to implement some new procedures which should go live in October. Ideally this will make the process much easier. Details will follow shortly!
    As promised, Trap-Jaw has made his triumphant return but where is Battle Cat? Will He-Man's green battle steed make a return in 2010?

    Yes, he is planned for 2010 as promised. Stay tuned!
    Will next year's vehicle release be incorporated into the 2011 Club Eternia subscription as a quarterly bonus item?

    No, the vehicle is not included simply because we do not yet know the retail price and for legal reasons we needed to be upfront with all the prices for items included in the subscription. So it will be outside of the sub for purchase. We will look at the sub number when we are reviewing production quota knowing most people who have a sub will want this vehicle (whatever it winds up being!).
    Many fans are wondering why getting a new He-Man head with the longer 200X hair style is such an issue for Mattel. We know that the stylized design of the Mike Young series is retired. Can you please elaborate as to why and please dont include the words hyper detailed or anime in your response?

    When we pitched the new online MOTU line to management, the marching orders were to develop a new style and retire the 200X style (which we had been called anime or hyper detail, but if you don't like that we can just call it 200X style). Both 200X style and Classics style are two different interpretations of the vintage toy line. 200X included flared hair and extra spikes/details etc... Classics style includes greater articulation and sculpts closer to the vintage look. For now the 200X style is retired, which is why all figures in the Classics line (even if they started as 200X characters like Carnivus or Kronis) will be in the Classics style.

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    Re: Ask Matty Q&A - SEPTEMBER 15th

    I know some people were complaining about waits on the Matty site but yesterday I jumped in right at the height of the rush and breezed right through and got my Gygor no problem, in and out in less than a minute. -- So no complaints from me!

    I hope we will see some 200x designs done in classics style (especially Teela and Spikor!)

    But first I think they should concentrate on getting those Filmation rights. Well at least for Shadow Weaver and Scorpia anyway. My MOTU collection will never be complete without them!

    I hope they'll issue more figure stands. I really need them. My Adora and She-ra are great but they keep falling over all the time. I'd say next time issue a big pack like about 10 or 20 at a time. I need a lot!

    My dream creature fig would be the huge griffin (gryphon?) thing that Beastman and some of the other baddies rode in the 200x series. If they made it to proper scale it would probably be nearly as big as the NECA Balrog, but I would pay ANYthing to get that! (and probably buy multiples so all my baddies can ride in style) Maybe it can be some kind of a build-a-figure?

    Quality-wise my only complaint is the plastic they use in some joints is too soft and this is causing warping. For example, my She-ra's right ankle joint is warped so she can't stand up properly. Also her shoulder joints were not inserted properly so the right one is loose and she can't hold her arm up to proudly raise her sword. It just flops back down again because there's too much space in the joint between arm and torso due to not being inserted properly.

    But I am still loving this line. Keep up the great work Matty & 4 Horsemen!

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