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    Star Wars Q&A, September 14th

    Land of the little people: Max Rebo and Yoda...

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    With the recent release of the brand new Jabba the Hutt figure, are there any plans to release updated versions of the Max Rebo band to complete the palace scene?

    Right now, there are no plans to update Max Rebo. We've learned in Star Wars never to say never, but Max and pals are not high on our lists for updating so the chances are slim we will get to them.
    With Sideshow's unveiling of their 1/6 scale Yoda hut environment, Star Wars fans are wondering if they can get a 3 3/4" scaled version from Hasbro. Possibility?

    While it may make sense for Sideshow to pursue for the dedicated 12" fanbase - where price may not be as much of a factor - we have to keep in mind the cost to produce and the subsequent relatively high retail pricing for
    something the majority of collectors do not rank high on their list of 3-3/4" interests compared to figures, vehicles, and creatures. Playsets and environments are not a good avenue for us unless we believe we can also reach a strong base of kids with them as well. A Yoda environment is not the set that will interest kids due to the limited play options.

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    Re: Star Wars Q&A, September 14th

    Seems Hasbro isn't giving away too much this time. I hope someone can ask this question for the next Q&A, it would be very much appreciated:

    'With regard to the mail-away "rocket-firing" Boba Fett offer, how can UK or European fans get their hands on the figure? Will it be made available as a store exclusive much like the Clone Wars Nahdar Vebb figure was available at Argos? Seeing as this is such an infamous figure, it would be a shame if many fans missed out.'

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