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    Square Enix's Play Arts Kai DEVIL MAY CRY 4

    Make way for the demon hunter Dante and demon armed Nero...

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    Square Enix continues to impress fans of video game figures with their slightly larger line of Play Arts Kai figures. Measuring in around 9" each, this line - which has grown out of the original Play Arts line - includes figures from fan-favorite video game series like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Bayonetta, and now, Devil May Cry. Based on their likenesses in Devil May Cry 4, the demon hunter Dante and the demon armed Nero have taken action figure form and are ready for anything...

    SCULPT: These are beautifully made figures. The minute details seen in the game's character designs - including small buttons, buckles, wrinkles and fabric rolls - are all included in each figure. In fact, it looks as if each figure literally walked out of the game and into three dimensions.

    Dante features his DMC4 look with an almost "old west" style long coat, boots, and pants with chaps while Nero features a zipper-front, hooded jacket under a long coat, snug pants and calf-high boots. Each features the "white haired pretty boy" look made famous by Japanese anime and manga; however, neither character is simply that...

    PAINT APPLICATION: As previously mentioned, both figures fulfill an archetype, but Dante in particular features a more rugged look and even sports expertly painted facial hair. Personally, I'm not sold on the painted facial hair and think it doesn't quite fit the look of the Dante I know, but it definitely matches his old west, vengeance-seeking, armed-and-dangerous character well.

    Likewise, Dante features an expertly painted body and outfit. His coat, pants and boots an impressively shaded red, his chaps and vest a brushed black with shading to compliment the sculpting and detail. And speaking of detail, even the buttons, buckles and zippers have been painted gold and silver to give them a more pronounced look that’ll catch the eye and impress even more.

    Similarly, Nero's red vest, blue pants, brown boots and blue long coat all feature expertly applied colors. The minute details - including the silver and gold zippers, buckles and buttons - all stand out thanks to tight lines which have been perfectly applied.

    Overall, these are some of the most attractive figures thanks to their high quality control and beautifully detailed colors, which are all accurate to the original character designs.

    ARTICULATION: The Square Enix Play Arts Kai line is known for its super-articulation and neither Dante nor Nero miss the mark when it comes to being super poseable and ready to move. Each figure includes over 30 points of articulation, including a ball-jointed neck, ball-joint shoulders, double-hinge elbows, ball-socket/pin-twist wrists, twist biceps, a ball-socket chest and waist, ball-socket hips/twist thighs, double-hinge knees, hinge ankles, and a pivoting foot.

    In all, these articulation points complement one another, allowing each figure to be posed in a variety of battle-ready positions directly from the game. Likewise, the joints are all of solid construction, easily holding the weight of the figure and/or accessories in place, allowing the figure to remain steady in whatever stance it’s been placed.

    ACCESSORIES: Similar to one another not only in look and design, but also in weaponry, both Dante and Nero figures include game accurate accessories. Similarly, both wield massive swords as well as unique firearms. Dante includes his family heirloom blade Rebellion and his trusty Ebony and Ivory semi-auto pistols while Nero wields the motor-cycle gripped Red Queen sword and Blue Rose revolver pistol.

    Both figures also include interchangeable hands which allow them to hold their weapons. Lastly, both figures also include an interchangeable plug which allows each character to hang their swords on their back. As seen in the game, this allows the character to wield their firearms and have their blades ready for action at the same time.

    COST & OVERALL IMPRESSION: With a retail price of approximately $40.00 each, these 9" tall, super-articulated and highly detailed figures are a solid buy for any fan of the action video game series. With game-accurate accessories and awesome sculpting, these are truly the high-quality, low priced figures fans of Devil May Cry have been waiting for.

    Personally, I'm hoping Square Enix makes figures based on previously Devil May Cry games, though these plans are still unconfirmed. Let's just hope Square Enix continues to provide fans with this quality of figure in future Play Arts Kai releases.

    Look for Square Enix's Play Arts Kai Devil May Cry 4 figures wherever fine figures are sold. Both Nero and Dante are available to preorder now and should receive a wide release soon.

    Photos and Review by Jess C. Horsley

    Review Samples Courtesy of Square Enix

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