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    CV Exclusive Star Wars Empire #8 - Camie Marstrap and Laze "Fixer" Loneozner

    Luke gets reunited with two long-lost friends...

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    Old school Star Wars fans can rejoice as Hasbro has whipped up a great new comic pack NOT with Expanded Universe characters, but with characters who were cut out from the original 1977 film. Camie Marstrap and Laze "Fixer" Loneozner are two of Luke's friends who ended up on the editing room floor along with scenes involving Biggs Darklighter. Hasbro has already released the deleted scenes Biggs Darklighter figure years ago but finally you can reunite them all.

    Released for Celebration V, the official Star Wars convention, this exclusive 2-pack will not be found at your retail stores. You can however pick this up over at for $14.99 if you were unable to go to the convention. I'm not certain what the edition size is on this set, so I'd recommend picking it up sooner than later.

    The packaging for this comic pack is quite attractive but at the same time a bit excessive (but we all like excessive here). At its core, the comic pack is the same style comic packaging you'll find at the retail outlets which is a large size card and bubble pack. The outer box that Hasbro created keeps this set in pristine condition and allowing clear views of the toy within. The front of the box features the comic cover art in full while the sides feature some comic panels which is a rather nice touch.

    Hasbro has come a really long way in sculpting their figures and though these two figures are based on real actors, they've managed to do a great job with them. And with the number of figures already made, you would think that such minor characters would get the kit-bash treatment, but from what I can gather, these are brand new molds.

    Paint is generally pretty good throughout but with only minor instances of slop. Camie's face upon closer inspection shows some extra spray from her hair dusted about. Sometimes with Star Wars figures, the whites of the eyes are left off but I believe I can see a hint of that in these two figures.

    Articulation has been pretty great for Star Wars figures and I'm loving the super-articulation treatment on all figures, not just the main characters. Ball joints are a plenty and can be found on the shoulders, elbows, and knees. There's also joints on the neck, waist, wrists, hips, and in the case of Fixer, his heels as well. Legs are slightly hindered by the skirts but not by much.

    These figures don't come with much but they have it where it counts. As deleted scene figures, I couldn't imagine what they should come with. Fixer comes with a blaster, I suppose because everyone has one in that part of Tatooine. Camie comes with a pet of some kind. Hasbro calls it a dog and it does resemble a shaved poodle so we'll call it a dog too. The dog has no articulation and is sculpted to be held, not a great piece on its own. And of course there's the comic book since this is a "comic" pack.

    In conclusion, $15 for two brand new figures never released that flesh out the original trilogy is fine by me. They're great figures on their own but the only unfortunate aspect is that they're as visually boring as most humans are on Tatooine. Thus kids may not be as interested in them, hence why they're exclusive! It all makes sense now.

    I'm stoked that is doing a much better job at putting their exclusives up for sale so get them while you can!

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hasbro

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