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    Blu-Ray Review: Lost The Complete Sixth Season

    The epic series comes to a close in High-Definition…

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    On May 23, 2010, the final episode of Lost was aired on ABC marking the end of one of the most creative, original and interesting shows to ever air on television. The show, created by Jeffrey Lieber, J.J Abrams, Damon Lindelof, lasted for six seasons and over 121 episodes that spun a tale of mystery, intrigue, adventure, love, loss and destiny that had characters teleporting, traveling through time, and relating their stories through flashbacks, flash-forwards, and finally, flash-sideways.

    Lost the Complete Sixth Season also known as The Final Season features one of the shorter seasons of the series with only 18 episodes spread over 5 discs that tell us the final fate of the various characters in the Lost universe. All of the action of the pulse-pounding final episodes is captured in crystal-clear 1080p High-Definition picture and amazing 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound that show Lost the way it was meant to be seen – at its best.

    The season picks up where the last season ended, with Juliet having struck the bomb with a rock in order to get it to detonate with hopes that it would alter history. The resulting blast creates two separate timelines, dubbed “flash-sideways” which presents the characters still on the island with an alternate story taking place at the exact same time off the island. While characters in one reality deal with lives unaltered by the island, the island story is coming to a close, as people take sides and switch sides, Jacob reveals his ultimate plans, and the John Locke walking around the island may just be an imposter. Events lead to a final epic fight between good and evil and a conclusion that will leave fans both confused and satisfied.

    While this season has quite a bit less as far as special features go, they are by no means lacking in entertainment or importance. First and foremost, exclusively for the Blu-Ray release, fans can access the Lost University: Master’s Program through BD Live and learn even more about the themes and mythology of the series. But even more than Lost University the feature most fans will be hungry to see is the short episode called The New Man In Charge, which shows Ben and Hurley after the events of the final episode and which answers many of the questions people were left with including the fate of Walt. The End: Crafting a Final Season looks at the preparation, secrecy, and work involved with creating the series’ ending. A Hero’s Journey is an interesting featurette that explores the various parts of mythology, the quest, and the traits of a hero, that the writers used in the show. See You In Another Life, Brotha talks about the development of the alternate timeline or “flash-sideways”. Just like previous sets you also get Lost on Location featurettes, Lost Bloopers, 9 Deleted Scenes, Audio Commentaries, and the rapid look at the entire series called Lost in 8:15 – A Crash Course.

    It goes without saying that fans of the show must and will own this amazing final season to complete the entire Lost experience. For people who haven't see or followed the show since it’s beginning, now is the chance to watch the whole series from start to end. Buena Vista has also released the Lost: The Complete Collection on DVD and Blu-Ray with all six seasons and a ton of bonus collectibles including a special packaging with a Lost island replica, ankh, Senet game, episode guide, handheld black light, and a bonus disc featuring 2 hours of material exclusive to the set. Both Lost – The Complete Sixth Season and Lost: The Complete Collection are available now on Blu-Ray and DVD from Buena Vista Home Entertainment.
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