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    Hot Toys M Icon DX - Michael Jackson "Bad"

    The King of Pop ready to rock in 1/6th scale...

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    Michael Jackson has been gone just over a year now and following the release of Thriller and Billie Jean collectible figures, Hot Toys has decided to release a figure based on what is probably one of the music icon's most memorable looks. The Michael Jackson "Bad" M Icon, this time released as a deluxe (DX) figure, is ready to rock any collector or fan's shelf with its instantly recognizable look from the 1987 album. It was this look that no doubt defined an entire era for the King of Pop's career as fans will affectionately remember.


    Hot Toys is always very serious on the quality of their produxt; even the packaging is well designed. On the front part, a portrait of MJ is printed in black/grayish color, giving the package a classic feel. When you open it, the interior looks like a disc cover with a fake disc on it black and red everywhere. On the left cover flip, the legendary biography of MJ is printed, giving fans a brief introduction to this historic musician. And on the right below the fake disc, the list of songs awarded to album "Bad" is also printed.

    Inside, the figure is packaged inside precisely cut foam pieces to ensure the figure isn't harmed during shipping. Overall, you can see the production team has put a lot of effort into all of the different parts of the figure’s packaging, including materials and design.


    Considering the two previously released MJ figures, this has in my opinion, the best head sculpt likeness of the pop star. Not counting the near-perfect likeness of his eyes, nose, mouth and facial shape, this version successfully captured MJ's facial expression as well. My compliments to the sculptors and team responsible...

    That said, compared to his portrait at the time of the album's release, this head sculpt looks a little older than it should. Even though it captures his look, it's not 100% "Bad." Likewise, while the face itself is great, the hair could still see some improvement. It doesn't look very natural. That said, it is necessary to remove the hair to work the PERS system, and the hair joint is flawless. If you look at the figure from afar, you won't even know you can remove it...


    The skin tones are very accurate and natural with the lips, eye brows, and eye lines all drawn perfectly. This contributes greatly to the figure having the best likeness. Likewise, the hands - with the various straps and studs - all look very precise as well. The overall paint job quality of this is well maintained as is usual for Hot Toys.


    Based on a True Type "slim" body, the body itself features plenty of articulation to ensure collectors and fans can pose the figure in MJ's various dance positions. While there are two layers of clothes over top the body, and this does hinder some of the joints, most fans won't have any problem posing this figure in any one of MJ’s famous poses.

    One missing joint worth mentioning is the head/neck. There is no joint in between the head and the neck as it is sculpted in one piece. While this limits the poseability of the head and neck, this makes it look more natural and gives it a much better aesthetic look.


    MJ in his "Bad" clothing instantly brings back images of the infamous subway scene from the epic music video. Complete with every detail, the clothing here includes not only the clothes, but the layered belts and rocker style jacket. Hot Toys - at the top of their game - has definitely produced the outfit with care and detail. Even the design of the under shirt, which is covered by the jacket, has not been neglected.

    The paint applications on the rubber and plastic portions of the outfit give the impression of real metal and look great. Likewise, wristbands - which could have been made of the genuine material at a higher cost - are instead sculpted and painted. While they're painted accurately and look great, they look speedily made.

    The figure also includes a second set of clothing from the "Dirty Diana" video; a simple white t-shirt with a fit-cut white jacket/shirt. It's impressive Hot Toys provides fans with both sets of clothing and thus two different looks.

    Seven specially-made interchangeable hands in a variety of poses are also provided to give fans plenty of posing options. Lastly, the figure includes a M Icon DX stand with lighting. Based on the floor from the "Bad" video, this diorama base helps put the figure into its natural element.

    This figure also includes a simple set of directions for fans to follow regarding how to use the PERS eye system and assembling the figure in its various clothing options.


    With a retail price of around $200, this figure is geared more towards the die-hard Michael Jackson collector than the previous, less costly, MJ M Icon figures. Likewise, Hot Toys DX collectors will notice this figure only includes one head sculpt. That means collectors are provided with two full outfits, but only one head; so if fans want to pose both the "Bad" figure and the "Dirty Diana" figure, they have to buy an additional figure or another head (and body) on the secondary market.

    Overall, the figure is beautifully sculpted, accurate (though a bit older-looking), and features amazingly-well tailored clothing and accessories. For fans of the previously released MJ figures, pick this up as you won't be disappointed. For casual fans of MJ, this may be a bit more to chew. Of course, this is one of the King of Pop's most memorable looks and no doubt that is why Hot Toys chose it to give the DX treatment.

    Be sure to check out the images below and pick up your own Hot Toys Michael Jackson "Bad" DX figure wherever fine collectibles are sold.

    Review and Photos by CK Lee

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