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    Plastic Aging Question

    I have an odd plastic aging question. Iíve had figures that change color over the years but Iíve had some strangeness in some cases that maybe someone has an answer for. I keep my figures both on display in cabinets with no direct sunlight and in plastic totes when stored and Iíve had several of them get this odd coloring change. It only happens on the color blue and in each case the plastic has a different feel so itĎs not the same sort of plastic being used. The only thing in common is the color blue. It gets like white splotches of discoloring on the blue like the pigment has had some sort of chemical reaction on a molecular level to bleach the pigment but unevenly. It just looks like white splotches. Iíve had one PVC do this on the blue pants, my Esmeralda vinyl Doll and my Genie vinyl doll from Applause both did it on the blue, and a few other figures I know Iím forgetting. What causes it and why does it happen? Is there a way to prevent it?

    Iíve also had one figure have the paint turn wet. On a Thinkway boxing Woody figure from 1996 the paint on his hands became wet. What causes that?

    I hope someone has an answer for some of my questions.


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    Re: Plastic Aging Question

    It's from the Chinese putting toxins in the plastics. They're highly toxic, man. The Muppet line is especially prone to breaking down. That's what's going on with your Thinkway Woody. As the plastivs break down the figure becomes tacky becausethe plastics are unstable. Everyone should be aware of this issue with their figure collections. I wonder if figure insurance covers this?

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    Re: Plastic Aging Question

    Sorry to hear about your problem. I wonder if you need to put the plastic toys in the sun then it may be dried. I wound like to choose statues if it is this case

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