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    SDCC10 Exclusive Marvel Universe SPIDER-MAN

    Movie Spidey swings into Hasbro's 3 3/4" line...

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    Ever since the Marvel Universe went to the more practical 3 3/4" scale, there hasn't been too much going on for the film franchises with the exception of Iron Man. This summer at San Diego Comic-Con, however, Hasbro offered the comic book fans the first ever movie Spider-Man figure in the new smaller scale. If you missed it, it's still available at for $9.99.

    Even though Spider-Man was exclusive to the convention, it's more than likely you'll see another release at some point in the future with a more standard packaging design. The special packaging designed for the Con is pretty spiffy, looking glossy and attractive on the card. Keeping the toy on the card is also more fun than previous figures as you can spin the inner tray holding Spider-Man 360 degrees. Display him upside down if you like.

    There's also an outer cardboard sleeve that goes around the figure (pictured above). It's attractive but not very functional as the figure slides out from the bottom if you're not careful.

    The sculpt is done really well and is very familiar to those who have purchased the 6" versions before. It still looks great even in this scale with the web details sculpted over the suit. If you own the 6" Spider-Man, you'll notice that his right hand is in web slingin' mode and left hand in a fist. That's the complete opposite with this Spidey; his right hand is in a fist, left hand in web slingin' mode.

    Articulation on Spidey is pretty amazing with an impressive 33 points of articulation by my count. The best thing is the neck articulation as it's no longer just a simple ball with head snapped on, this is a true double jointed neck allowing Spidey to look up or down. You're also treated to double knee and double elbow joints giving him even more poseability, although the hip joints are more limited than I thought despite the articulation. He's able to sit, kick, and do all sorts of sensible things. What he won't be able to do is be posed in a fantastical pose that hes famous for in the comics. There's even a swivel in his wrists! Really well done in the articulation department.

    Paint is also pretty strong for a mass market figure. The web detail throughout his costume is really well painted with very minimal slop. It really is incredible how it's done. Meanwhile, his eyes are a tad off the mark but decent enough. Some of you might have eyes that are right on the mark or more off than mine. I guess there's no way to find out since this is a blind buy. Overall it's a decent job on paint I would say.

    Usually on the accessory front for a Spider-Man figure, the standard would not be a whole lot. This exclusive comes with what I feel is among the coolest Spider-Man accessories around: A web sling complete with suction cup! On one end is a loop that hooks onto his wrist. The other is a suction cup to put on glass, mirror, whatever surface that it could stay onto. It's a fun little accessory and allows for a different way to display the figure than just "standing there". Kudos to Hasbro for this one.

    I think that just about covers it. Again, Spider-Man will cost you $9.99 plus tax and shipping, which is a bit more than the usual Marvel Universe figure, but not by that much... and he is exclusive. You also have to consider the special packaging he comes in and the cool accessory as well.

    I think if you're a fan of collecting film figures, this one shouldn't be skipped. Don't let your Spidey sense tingle when this is sold out.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hasbro

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