MOTUC Sorceress, Panthor, Marshmallow Mess Ray, more...

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There were several subtle MOTUC hints at the Mattel booth at Comic-Con this year, such as the Screech perched on top of Castle Grayskull. Is this a hint that the Sorceress will coming in 2011?

We actually had that same bird on display at SDCC 2009 if you look close. It is a hand-painted sample we did to liven up the diorama. We do plan to get to the Sorceress in time, but this hand-pained Zoar is not a hint of anything other then us wanting to do something fun in our display.
Can you please shed some light on the dark green horned helmet that was on display next to the Godess figure on the last day of Comic-Con?

It is an accessory for a MOTUC toy not shown in full at SDCC. You'll just need to wait and see who it is for.
Many collectors have been anxiously wanting to see how Panthor will look. When will fans get their first glimpse of this highly-anticipated figure?

This will happen in time. He is slotted for 2011, but at SDCC we only showed through February/March. There is a lot more 2011 product to show off!
We are very excited about the MOTUC SDCC reveals this year. Can you give us more insight on the army-builder two-pack and Shadow Beast in regards to pricing?

The Guards will be $40, Shadow Beast will be $30

Will the army-builder two-packs always consist of two solar characters such as palace guards or can we also get different characters that belong to the same faction/army? (For example, a Kobra Khan and Rattlor Snakemen pack)

At this time the plan is to offer two of the same type of character with mix and match parts. That does not rule out other two-packs, but the army builders will follow this strategy.
When can we look forward to seeing a 200X version of King Randor? Perhaps a Captain Randor from the first episode of the MYP cartoon?

In time. Nothing to confirm now, but we do want to get to this look for the good king.
Will the Marshmallow Mess Ray figure be a new sculpt or just a re-release of the orginal ray with painted on Marshmallow stains?

It is the existing sculpt with layered paint. The goggles and walkie talkie he comes with are new.
Is there a possibility for quarterly oversized figures in the club Ecto 1 subscription?

Not in 2011 but maybe down the line.

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