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    Shape-shifting superhero a San Diego steal...

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    For this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel whipped up a fine exclusive for the world of DC Universe Classics: Plastic Man. Priced at only $20, this is actually a great buy considering all the bonus accessories that they've included. And if you actually got yours while at Comic-Con, there's a bonus accessory thrown in for absolutely no extra cost. Last year's SDCC exclusive were the Wonder Twins and Gleek, also characters who were able to change forms.

    Plastic Man's origins began as a criminal, shot and wounded, and doused in an unknown acid. A monk tends to his injuries as Plastic Man, growing weary of the criminal life, decides to make a change. Originally part of Quality Comics, Plastic Man and many other characters were acquired by DC in the mid-late '50s and has since become a regular character in the modern age.

    Plastic Man the action figure comes on the usual card and bubble much like the other DC Universe Classics but its design is entirely unique to him. The familiar goggles are heavily featured on the bubble while the card backing itself resembles his outfit and belt. Protecting the card and bubble is a unique outer shipper box with the "75 Years of DC" design familiar to those collecting the line now. The bonus SDCC accessory comes in a small clear baggy by itself, not different than a McDonald's Happy Meal toy.

    Judging the sculpt of Plastic Man wouldn't be proper without talking about the accessories because there is so much going on with this figure... in a good way. The gist of it is that everything is of the quality you've come to expect from DCUC and the Four Horsemen. Plastic Man's head sculpt is depicted with his familiar elastic smile and I wouldn't want it any other way. The slim body type is used for this figure and rather appropriate for the character too.

    Plastic Man's hands are removable and set as fists. The accessories included can easily be swapped in and out in a variety of combinations. The rubber ball and paddle, as well as a fly swatter, are replacements for hands and there's also completely rubber arms that can be swapped in as well. A button on the back of Plastic Man eases the swapping out of the arms, a good feature to have.

    There's more than just extra limbs for Plastic Man, there's an extra long neck joint as well as a springy lower torso. The SDCC exclusive accessory is a suit-case accessory where arms and head can be attached. The suitcase opens up to reveal three small comics printed on cardstock. This is a great accessory as a freebie but it's definitely a bummer for those unable to make the convention.

    The goggles in the bubble are actual real cardboard goggles for you to wear too, so that's an added bit of genius. Throw that in a drawer with the 3D Lobo Glasses.

    Articulation on Plastic Man is pretty standard with the rest of the DCUC gang. He's got neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper torso, waist, hips, thighs, knees, and heels.

    Paint on Plastic Man is very good and good thing for that because there is no examining these figures on a store shelf. They're boxed and you get what you get.

    DC Universel Classics are currently $15 a piece, so paying $20 for an exclusive with loads of accessories is a great deal. This is a fantastic figure through and through. The exclusive accessory doesn't really do it for me but since I didn't pay any extra for it, I'm happy to have it. For those of you who missed it though, I don't recommend paying too much more for it. Just get Plastic Man the figure. It's all you really need.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

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