James Bond, Princess Bride, Dracula, more...

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Factory Entertainment made a splash at Comic-Con with a booth packed with cool movie replicas - both for sale and display. The latter was a collection of original screen-used props from various James Bond movies, including a Faberge Egg from Octo***** and Laser Rifle from Moonraker. While these were just for show, Factory Entertainment did have some 007 prop replicas for sale. These included a 1:1 scale replica of the Golden Gun from The Man with the Golden Gun (pictured above) and a cast replica of the metal teeth worn by the Bond villain "Jaws". Read our story HERE for full details on both these items.

Other items on display included licensed sword replicas from The Princess Bride, replica rings from Dracula, and items from The Green Hornet, including upcoming prop replicas of the Hornet's Gas Gun and Kato's Dart and TV series based action figures (above).

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