"Beastly" too...

San Diego Comic-Con coverage brought to you by Collectibles Insurance, Big Bad Toy Store, Sekaido, and Monkey Depot.

BifBangPow! was at Comic-Con showing off their extensive series of licensed retro style figures and bobble heads. The Venture Bros. was one crowd pleaser with current and new characters on display.

Venture Bros. figures out now include:

* Series 1: Dr. Venture & Brock Samson
* Series 2: The Monarch & Dean Venture
* Series 3: Henchman 21 & 24 (SDCC10 Exclusive)

Upcoming retro style Venture Bros. figures revealed at Comic-Con include:

NEW! * Series 4: Dr. Girlfriend & Hank Venture - Spring 2011
NEW! * Series 5: Doctor Orpheus & Phantom Limb (pictured above) - Spring 2011

New Venture Bros. bobble heads were also shown. Hitting retail this month, fans can look forward to The Monarch, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Brock Samson and Doctor Orpheus.

A surprise license on display was Beastly, an upcoming feature film that puts a new spin on Beauty and the Beast. The "beast" of the equation - Kyle Kingson - and his romantic interest - "beauty" Lindy Taylor - will both receive retro style figures late 2010/ early 2011. A Beastly bobble head is on shelves now.

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