The Green Hornet's souped-up ride takes to the streets...

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As Hollywood focuses more energy at San Diego Comic-Con, the showroom floor gets more and more crowded. It's already filled to the brim as is but lately exhibitors have looked to the local hot spots outside the Con to grab the attention of attendees. For Sony Picture's upcoming release of THE GREEN HORNET there was a multitude of excitement throughout the convention beginning with the traveling swarms of the Hornettes: young, attractive females dressed in green outfits.

Usually at Comic-Con, babes are quite enough to gather plenty of attention but fans this year had the unique opportunity to enter the garage of Britt Reid (Green Hornet's alias), located at the Candy Factory behind Petco Park; a short walking distance from the convention.

Here at the garage, visitors could get up close and personal with The Black Beauty, the customized Chrysler Imperial seen in the movie. Within the garage, other classic cars could be seen while the new trailer played on repeat behind them (blue-prints of the Black Beauty could also be found if you looked for them).

Of course what location is complete without a nice selection of upcoming merchandise? T-Shirts, toys and collectibles, and the Green Hornet costume were on full display. Early guests were also treated with a Britt Reid's Garage t-shirt, exclusive to this year’s Comic-Con.

But that's not all! How would you like to take a ride around the block with two Hornettes in a Chrysler Imperial? That was being offered up as well, making this one of the more memorable and unique marketing tools at this year's Comic-Con.

Be sure to catch Sony Picture’s release of THE GREEN HORNET in January 2011.

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Words and Photography by David Yeh