SAW, Halloween, The Wolfman, more...

San Diego Comic-Con coverage brought to you by Collectibles Insurance, Big Bad Toy Store, Sekaido, and Monkey Depot.

Mezco is keeping horror alive and well with collectible figures from numerous popular film projects, including SAW, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rob Zombie's Halloween (1 and 2) and The Wolfman.

New horror offerings on display at Comic-Con included:

* 9 inch Stylized HALLOWEEN MICHAEL MYERS and THE WOLFMAN (October 2010)
* 12 inch Deluxe HALLOWEEN II MICHAEL MYERS (October 2010)
* 12 inch Delxue LEATHERFACE (November 2010)
* SAW Puppet Mez-It (November 2010)
* 6 inch Stylized SAW Puppet (2011)

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