Company comes out with guns blazing...

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TriForce made their first Comic-Con appearance with guns blazing, showcasing their awesome arsenal of Gears of War weapon prop replicas and character sculptures. TriForce's long anticipated 1:1 scale Lancer, the iconic chainsaw bayonetted weapon of the game, was front and center at the show, TriForce opening up orders for the massive (and heavy!) 40-inch long weapon. The incredible gun is shipping now priced at $949.99 and limited to only 500 pieces. Lock 'n load with your own at

Speaking of Lancers, TriForce had on display a unique, one-of-a-kind "Deadly Cute" version of the weapon. Designed specifically for Cliff Bleszinski's girlfriend, the blinged-out Lancer featured an attractive pink color scheme and fake rhinestone jewels on the saw teeth. EPIC and TriForce are looking at auctioning off the artistic piece to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Another show-stopper was TriForce's Marcus Fenix Epic Scale Bust, a statue that is indeed... epic. Measuring an impressive 32 inches in height, the bust awed fans with its size and hyper realistic sculpt. Two versions of the light-up bust were offered to Comic-Con attendees: Marcus clutching a standard Lancer (500 pieces) and one armed with an eye-catching Gold Lancer (only 100 pieces). Sales of both models were brisk with the Gold Lancer edition nearly selling-out. Grab one while you can at

Gears of War product reveals came in the form of the Snub Pistol, the standard issue sidearm of the COG military. A cool prototype of the weapon was on display, pictured above in the hands of Drew Seldin, Vice President of TriForce. Pre-orders for this Gears' gun are expected this Fall priced at around $250 with the Snub shipping 1st quarter 2011. News at the Comic-Con Gears of War panel revealed that Triforce is also at work on an Epic Scale Augustus Cole and Lambent Berserker busts.

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