Get the poison out with unique emotion mini-figs...

San Diego Comic-Con coverage brought to you by Collectibles Insurance, Big Bad Toy Store, Sekaido, and Monkey Depot.

There are always interesting things going on in the "Urban Vinyl" section of the Comic-Con exhibit hall, with all sorts of unique items on display. One of the more interesting booths this time around belonged to the Emotes. Based on a series of books by psychotherapist Matt Casper, the Emotes are creatures that live in the internet and embody one core emotion like Boom (angry), Ick (disgusted), Abash (embarassed), and Drain (exhausted).

From the pages of the storybooks come great collectible figures from mini 2.5 inch vinyl figures, 10 inch plush Emotes, and plush Emote "Mascots" on keychains. Also on display were some very cool custom Emotes figures painted and customized by great artists.

Pick your favorite emotion and check out our photo gallery HERE!

- Scott Rubin