Web of Spider-Man revealed, more...

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Now that WizKids is under the umbrella of NECA, their amazing collectible games appear at Comic-Con right alongside the parent company's Predators, Gears of War troops, etc. An entire section of display case was devoted to the miniature gurus, with some great new reveals for the loyal fans.

Web of Spider-Man was in full effect, with dozens of never before seen figures on display. Fans were blown away by the incredible character selection of the set, as well as the sheer power and playability of their favorites. Standouts included Red Hulk, Noh-Varr, Groot, Cosmic Spider-Man, Red She-Hulk, Venom, Anti-Venom, Daken, X-Force members, Victor Mancha, and many more! The set will be available in comic book and gaming stores everywhere in September, but if you’re going to GenCon you can get in on the action as part of the tournaments.

Also on display were items from the Watchmen and HALO lines, and a couple of tantalizing tidbits. The upcoming Star Trek games (both spaceship combat and a boardgame-style cooperative game) were teased by a simple sign, while a mockup of an Iron Maiden gamepiece carton set the message boards on fire!

Check out our photo gallery, including some great close up shots, HERE!

- Scott Rubin