Anything goes in new Zack Snyder film...

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Gentle Giant offered up the first good look at Zack Snyder's latest film - Sucker Punch - with an amazing statue display at Comic-Con. Maquettes including the butt-kicking female cast and a very cool pink bunny adorned mech suit. Check out them out HERE!

[ame=]YouTube - Sucker Punch - Trailer HD[/ame]

An even better look at the film was given today with the release of the first trailer. The director of 300 and Watchmen is letting loose with this movie. The trailer assaults the senses with footage of everything from chaingun toting samurai warriors to a blitzkrieg of WWI gas masked soldiers, dragons and guns, guns, guns! Count me in as excited.

Sucker Punch is slated for release March 25, 2011.