Fans overloaded by "Legacy" reveals: New trailer, toys, more...

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San Diego Comic-Con attendess had plenty to download and process when it came to Disney's anticipated computerized sequel, Tron Legacy. Occupying prime real estate on the show floor was a massive Tron display including a 1:1 scale Light Cycle and oversized Recognizer, as well as an extensive collection of upcoming "Legacy" merchandise.

In addition to a host of illuminating computer peripherals, Spin Masters will dazzled fans with an extensive collection of Tron Legacy toys this fall. These will include action figures and vehicles in multiple sizes, including 3 3/4", 7.5" and a special 12" Ultimate Sam Flynn figure. The latter was unveiled at the Con by none other than actor Garrett Hedlund (above) who plays the hero character in the film. Even better than gawking at the new toys were the two Tron exclusives fans could purchase at the show. Spin Masters offered an affordable die-cast replica of Sam's Light Cycle at $5 and a very cool light-up vintage Tron figure for $40. The line to obtain them (limit 1 each per person) was massive; both exclusives selling out fast each day of the Con.

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[ame=]YouTube - TRON: LEGACY Official Trailer #2[/ame]

Those who braved the 4 hour+ line to get into Hall H were treated to an amazing new Tron Legacy trailer and entertaining Q&A with the cast.

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Tron mania was so big that even the convention center couldn't contain it all. Just past the Gaslamp Quarter gates was Flynn's Arcade, a replica of the video game haven in the first movie. Inside fans were treated to a slew of Tron Legacy props and spectacular light display.

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TRON LEGACY hits theaters on December 17th, 2010.