The War for Cybertron wages on...

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Thursday at Comic-Con brought the Hasbro Transformers panel, when the design team typically discusses current releases and unveils a few surprises. This time they did not disappoint. The all-star lineup of panelists began by discussing the War for Cybertron game and what that means for the current state of Transformers popularity. Working with Activision and High Noon, the Hasbro team went back to the very beginning to show the initial civil war and its heroes Optimus Prime and Megatron. With the line's now 25 year history, it was time to re-introduce certain elements and re-tell the story from the beginning. So, they started with Generation 1, targeting both hardcore fans as well as those new to the Autobots and Decepticons, and finally gamers. The Hasbro team was happy to report that the game is well received across the board, and should make fans even happier with the upcoming bonus pack release including new characters and maps.

On the product side of things, War for Cybertron has four deluxe Generations Transformers in Cybertronian Bumblebee, Cybertronian Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Soundwave. There's also the tie-in novel Exodus by Alex Irvine.

Starting in the fall, the Transformers line will start its Hunt for Decepticons promotion. The experience includes specially-branded packaging with logos and descriptions, and each product will have a code for the new website that allows you to join up and work toward membership in the Autobot Elite Guard through games and other fun content! The fall lineup includes:

"Movie" toys:

* Legends
* Scouts (including the eagerly anticipated Breacher)
* Deluxe: Ironhide (never before done in this scale), Battle Blade Bumblebee (different transformation), Sidearm Sideswipe, Hailstorm (tank mode), Tomahawk (helicopter mode), and Terradive (jet mode with trident weapon)
* Voyager: Sea Spray (can carry Breacher and use any 3mm weapon attachments), Battle Blades Optimus Prime (new transformation), and Highbrow (WWII fighter mode)
* Leader Starscream
* Battle Ops Bumblebee with sounds and tons of built-in gimmicks
Human Alliance Jazz and Captain Lennox


* Deluxe Drift (samurai warrior with swords and increased poseability), Darkmount (tank and battle station modes, pickaxe weapon), Blurr (based on Drift's design)

Power Core Combiners Ė the next step in the long history of combining Transformers. A reimagining gave new life to an old concept, and made it accessible to younger fans at a far lower price point than five large toys. The story was updated too; the Power Core characters donít replace the traditional combiners, but broaden the definition and add a new ranking system.

Transformer plus Minicon:

* Huffer (truck) and Caliburst
* Smolder (evil fire truck) and Chopster
* Searchlight (helicopter) and Backwind
* Icepick (snowmobile) and Chainclaw
* Leadfoot (racecar) and Pinpoint

5 Packs (main Transformer plus drones):

* Bombshock and Combaticons
* Skyburst and Aerialbots
* Doubleclutch and Rallybots
* Mudslinger and Destructicons
* Stakeout and Protectibots
* Crankcase and Destrons

2010 Store Exclusives:

* Toys"R"Us Constructicon Devastator
* Toys"R"Us Masterpiece Grimlock with new crown
* Walmart movie two-packs featuring Bumblebee and Brawl
* Target Hunters Rumble set with Sideswipe vs. Barricade
* Target Skids set with new ice cream truck mode
Reissue Seacons!!!

Finally, the Hasbro guys showed off the new Speed Stars Stealth Force designs, fun vehicle toys that feature pop-out armor and weapons with electronics that kids will love!

Check out more images from the panel's slideshow HERE!

- Scott Rubin