Blackest Night becomes Brightest Day...

Itís no secret that the DC Comics universe is still reeling from the events of Blackest Night, now resolving in the pages of the Brightest Day storyline. DC Direct knows when it has a hit on its hands, and so a substantial number of its products on display at Comic-Con were Green Lantern-related. Front and center were new miniature versions of all of the different Lantern Corps power batteries, each of which includes a matching ring and key. Then, of course, there are full size lanterns in every color for the hardcore collector! All of the remaining announced Blackest Night figures were also on display, as well as the first series of Brightest Day characters.

In other news, the DC display cases included:

* DC Universe Online statues: Batman, Catwoman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow
* 1:6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figures: Poison Ivy, Superman (Kingdom Come), Green Lantern (Golden Age), Batman (Justice), and movie Jonah Hex
* 1:2 Scale Busts: Green Lantern and Two Face
* Jonah Hex Movie Busts: Jonah Hex and Lilah
* Mini Statues: Batman: the Dark Crusader, Superman Forever #1, Supergirl, and All-Star Batman and Robin

Plus many more including the Batman lines, Superman: New Krypton, JLA Classified, History of the DC Universe, Supergirl and Detective Comics boxed sets, Arkham Asylum, Ame-Comi, and more!

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- Scott Rubin