Celebrating 30 years of Empire Strikes Back...

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While the Hasbro Star Wars panel had no new surprises (the juiciest new tidbits are being saved for Star Wars Celebration V in a few weeks), there was a huge variety of new product on display in the Hasbro booth for fans to oogle.

Highlights for the Clone Wars include:

* 3 3/4" Galactic Battle Game included in the Clone Wars and Saga Legends figures which features a unique battle system with characters cards and six-sided dice. There will also be a Mail-Away offer which features Sergeant Bric with a Galactic Battle Mat that doubles as a carrying case for 12 figures.

* Clone Wars Wave 2 includes Kit Fisto (Super-Articulated), Mace Windu (Super-Articulated), Commander Droid, and Cammo Clone Scout

* Clone Wars Wave 3 includes Ki Adi Mundi, Clone Trooper Pilot, and Flame Thrower Clone.

* Clone Wars Battle Packs Wave 2 include Mandalorian Troopers and Arc Troopers

* New Clone Wars Starfighter assortment vehicles include AAT (Episode 1 colors), Clone Swamp Speeder, AT-AP, Hyena Bomber, Xanadu Blood, and Plo Koon Starfighter.

Highlights for the Vintage Collection include:

* 37 figures released in 2010 with 4 waves being released every 6 weeks. 27 if the figures will be new or have new tooling while 10 others wil be "Greatest Hits" Mixed in the assortment will be 12 foil-stamped variants similar to the Ultimate Galactic Hunt from a few years ago.

* Wave 2 will be an Episode 3 wave featuring Darth Sidious, Anakin, General Grievous, Magnaguard, Obi-Wan, Sandtrooper, Clone Trooper Ep. 3, and Commander Cody.

* Wave 3 will be a Return of the Jedi Wave with a new Gamorrean Guard and Admiral Ackbar, along with Jedi Luke, Skiff Guard Woof, R2D2 (with serving tray and pop-out lightsaber with a more accurate scale), Rebel Commando, and Wicket the Ewok. A new Rebel Pilot Wedge was shown but has been delayed for a later wave.

* The Vintage Collection will have a Mail-In program featuring a Rocket-Firing Boba Fett.

* New Vehicles include the Snowspeeder, Cloud Car, and massive AT-AT. The AT-AT, Snowspeeder, and a repackaged Tie Fighter will be available at Toys R Us and Target respectively with original vintage-style packaging.

And one other piece of news for video game fans: Hasbro will be releasing figures based on both the upcoming sequel to The Force Unleashed and the highly-anticipated RPG The Old Republic.

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