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    Cyborg Maul and Berserker Are Up

    Two sci-fi baddies up for pre-order...

    Sideshow Collectibles is now taking pre-orders for two cool sci-fi baddies:

    Hot Toys BERSERKER Predator
    $194.99 and shipping 4th Qtr 2010

    SOLD OUT Cyborg Darth Maul PFF - Sideshow Exclusive
    $334.99 and shipping 1st Qtr 2011. Includes additional switch-out portrait for alternate display.

    Cyborg Darth Maul PFF - Standard Edition
    $324.99 and shipping 1st Qtr 2011

    Be sure and check out our Sideshow Comic-Con Celebration Check List for Sideshow's complete listing of new items - updated daily with pre-order and sell-out info!

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    Re: Cyborg Maul and Berserker Are Up

    You're kidding, that's got to be a joke, Cyborg Maul, that looks hilarious!

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    Re: Cyborg Maul and Berserker Are Up

    That's right, Cyborg Maul. You just can't keep a good villain down (plus they totally WASTED him in the movie where he went down WAY too easily and WAY~ too early. -- It really ticked me off! )

    Now what I want is a 7" scale Cyborg Maul -- but I'll probably have to make him myself since all we seem to get in the way of Star Wars figs is the traditional 3.75" scale or gigantic statues or 12"ers. Oh how I miss the Star Wars Unleashed line.

    I really wish Sideshow would offer smaller 7" scale versions of these statues too. I think they'd be more affordable and thus appeal to a wider market.

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    Re: Cyborg Maul and Berserker Are Up

    They are making a Hasbro Cyborg Maul, in a comic 2 pack with a younger Own Lars from the Star Wars visionaries anthology, which was a collection of comics created by actual ILM concept artists... which they used to flesh out the awesome piece of concept art of Cyborg Maul that one of them had done. The original piece is in either art of Episode 2 or 3, I don't recall, Id have to flip through them. I thought that was cool that the design is finally seeing more day light, its an interesting idea. But ultimately Maul was just a badass, not exactly as compelling or interesting as Dooku in relation to actual connection to other characters. Not that he was handled well either, but in theory, he makes more sense.
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