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    Hot Toys' Iron Man 2 Cosbabys

    Whiplash, Iron Man, Nick Fury and more with big heads and little bodies...

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    Hot Toys continues to impress fans of their ongoing line of Cosbabys with the addition of new, fan-favorite characters from Iron Man 2, including numerous Iron Man figures, War Machine, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Whiplash, and even a chase/variant Rhodey in Iron Man Mk 2 Armor.


    Each figure is blind-boxed in a small card stock box featuring graphics from the film as well as photos of each of the eight figures on the sides. The box isn't very durable and can be dented easily, but the form-fitting plastic container inside protects each figure and ensures it isn't harmed. While many American collectors probably hate the blind-box and would no doubt prefer a carded version, this allows for an air of mystery in the purchase and "hunt" for each figure. Sadly, the packaging isn't very mint-in-box collector friendly as it's nearly impossible to tell which figure is inside each box without opening it.


    Each Cosbaby features a unique sculpt replicating the basic look of each character from the film. Fans of deformed figures will appreciate these designer figures as their near 1/6th scale heads fit atop a small, 2" tall body. This style/look has been done numerous times by various companies and will probably appeal to fans of Bobble-heads, Might Muggs, Mez-Itz, and BATSU style figures.

    What's so impressive about the Cosbabys is their minute attention to detail. Each figure includes small, sculpted details - like Black Widow's pouches, War Machine's guns, and even Whiplash's whips and Arc Reactor. The fact that each figure essentially uses the same basic body design shows an incredible amount of genius by Hot Toys in the company's ability to create so many characters and figures out of a similar template.


    The paint on each figure is done brilliantly, in simple colors that both stand out and define the individual characters. The metallic red of Iron Man's armor; Black Widow's blue eyes, red hair and green utility belt (above); and even the Arc Reactor and small tattoo's on Whiplash are all present and perfectly captured. There's no bleeding, smudging, or unpainted portions; each figure is uniformly and accurately detailed.


    Because each figure essentially shares the same basic body, the articulation on each figure is the same. Each figure features ball-in-socket joints at the neck/head, shoulders, hips, and feet. Likewise, the wrists feature a twist joint which allows for hand mobility. While they're not the most movable of figures, they don't need to be...especially when their made specifically not for play, but display.


    Most Cosbaby figures runs about $8.00 to $10.00, depending on the retailer and the specific series. Most fans should be able to find each of the Iron Man 2 Cosbaby figures on sale for around $10 each, though the chase Rhodey in Mark II Armor can reach upwards of $30 on the secondary market.


    Fans of previous Cosbaby series - including the Iron Man, Disney Friends, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien vs. Predator, and even the forthcoming Toy Story lines - might consider picking these up as an addition to the ongoing toy line. Likewise, die-hard Iron Man fans may be interested in these oddly attractive little collectibles based on their favorite characters. And, of course, many urban vinyl and designer vinyl-type collectors may find themselves draw to these little figures with big heads.

    Not all fans can afford Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece line of figures and, while the Cosbaby line isn't really an alternative, it's nice to see Hot Toys continuing to produce a line of figures that - for most collectors and fans - is affordable.

    The Iron Man 2 Cosbaby line is available now wherever fine figures are sold.

    - Jess Horsley

    - samples provided by Hot Toys
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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