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    The Dark Knight Movie Masters - TWO-FACE

    Complete your collection with the coin-tossing villain...

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    Originally sold as a exclusive for $15, you can get your very own TWO-FACE, one of the villains of the 2008 motion picture The Dark Knight at your local Toys"R"Us stores for a mere $12.99. Not a bad consolation prize for anything sold at Matty Collector!

    The packaging is much like the line since its debut in 2008: standard card and bubble with specific photography on the card backing, but no bio or description of the character you're buying.

    Much like the previously released Harvey Dent figure, Two-Face uses the same basic mold with the exciting twist of acid. Two-Face, like many of Mattel's figures, is sculpted by The Four Horsemen and for the scale, they did a rather nice job. It's not the most precise looking mold we've seen (thank you, Hot Toys) but it's a solid looking figure.

    Two-Face is well articulated and decently painted for a mass-market figure, featuring approximately 22 points of articulation. In the accessories department, Two-Face is a bit lacking. He comes with a large double sided coin (one side scarred) for YOU to flip around.

    What he doesn't come with is his own coin to flip (which is understandable due to the scale) and a gun. No gun?? Come on, Mattel, he's a villain who actually uses a weapon in the film! Give it to us!

    Final verdict, despite lacking a major villainous accessory, you should pick this figure if you've been getting the rest of the line so far. It wouldn't be complete without Two-Face Harvey Dent.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

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