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    MARVEL Q&A - June

    Check lists, more Marvel Legends and "Evolutions"...

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    The Marvel Universe 3.75" line is amazing but it seems that upcoming figures are not announced as frequently as other toy lines. Have you considered at least offering collectors a check list which would reveal at least the names of the characters that will be released within the first 3 quarters of the year so that everyone is aware of what's coming even if the figure images can not yet be shown?

    We share information about our upcoming character launches with caution as there are times when the line-ups change. As a result, revealing figures too far in advance could result in more confusion and mis-information. That being said, we are looking into creating an annual checklist. We'll keep you posted.
    We can't wait to get our hands on the new Marvel Legends 2-packs later this year but three 2-packs is not quite enough to satisfy our hunger for more ML figures. It would be great if you would run an extensive fan poll like the one that was done for Marvel Universe in 2009 but for new Marvel Legends figures this time. What do you guys think?

    We are working on some future plans for 6-inch figures and plan to announce later this year.
    Have you ever considered incorporating the "Evolutions" concept to the Marvel Universe 3.75" line?

    We look at every opportunity to offer the fans what they want. We know that there are many variations of characters and we try to address them all. Something like this may be addressed with a variant, more likely, than a multi-pack.

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    Re: MARVEL Q&A - June

    Good move on the Evolutions. At least around me, it tends to be everyone scurrying to find new ones when they come out, then they clog shelves until they get clearanced.

    Good to know there'es still plans for future Marvel Legends. It just won't die and I'm very pleased. Excited to see that Hulk set and Warpath set coming out in the Fall.

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    Re: MARVEL Q&A - June

    So, there is a hint of legends still out there. I'll have to stop my hasbro hate spewing rants until I see if this is just more Hulk/Iron Man/Wolverine/Captain America/Spiderman clones. I'm 100% likely to buy a new figure as opposed to anything already made. I've nearly given up since this Universe line came out. But I'll give this a chance.

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