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    Sideshow Collectibles Hulkbuster Iron Man Comiquette

    Watch out Green Goliath, the Iron Avenger is ready for war...

    Be sure to pick up your own amazing Hulkbuster Iron Man Comiquette at Sideshow Collectibles today.

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    Iron Man is a cultural icon. After 47 years of comic stardom, two cartoon series, two live-action movies, and plans to include him in a number of upcoming films, the Armored Avenger is finally receiving the attention he deserves.

    Now, to give die-hard fans more of their favorite super hero, Sideshow Collectibles has released the Hulkbuster Iron Man Comiquette. A perfect companion piece to their previously released Hulk Premium Format Figure, this nearly 2' tall, 20 pound behemoth is ready for war!


    The statue is packaged like all of Sideshow's high-end pieces: individually pieces of the statue stored securely inside of a massive piece of molded Styrofoam. The Styrofoam is then kept inside of a large, durable cardboard box on which various graphics, photos, and product information is printed. This is essentially the statue's display package. The display package is shipped inside of a much larger box which securely holds the box - and its valued contents - using protective pieces of foam. Overall, the packaging - while maybe not as pretty as some pieces, is made to keep the statue safe and secure on its way from the factory to your doorstep and display shelf.


    Brought to life by Pablo Viggiano, Mike Najera, Anthony Mestas and the Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team, this is one of the most impressive pieces of comic book 3-D artwork I've seen. The entire figure screams "power" and, because of this thing's size and mass, it's no wonder Tony Stark is confident enough to go up against the Hulk wearing this.

    The intricate details on the armor - including the shoulder pads, armored arm plates (above), mechanical feet (above), and engine-like device on the back - makes this a true work of comic book 3-D art. As previously mentioned, this is one monstrosity which looks ready to dish out more than its fair share of destruction. One of the rarely noted details of the statue is the inclusion of a massive street/ground base (below) which seemingly matches the base included with the previously mentioned Hulk Premium Format Figure. While maybe not intentional, the pair make a great set for fans who own both.

    Because it's based on an interesting comic book design, this is one unique set of Iron Man armor which should satisfy both fans of the comic book as well as fans of the film. In fact, one can only hope a Hulkbuster Iron Man armor like this makes an appearance in the forthcoming Avengers live-action film!

    The paint applications on the statue likewise are impressive. The glossy reds and yellows help replicate the color scheme of the Iron Man Mark Variant suits which most fans recognize. Giving this Hulkbuster suit the same color pallet and scheme provides it with a certain amount of recognizability for non-comic fans who may not know this particular suit or Iron Man armor.

    All of the paint applications are applied well with zero sloppiness. The intricate details on Tony's face are well done also, providing fans with an alternate display option that's both unique and interesting (below).


    Because this is the "Sideshow Exclusive Edition," this statue includes an alternative portrait of Tony Stark with the Hulkbuster suit's helmet/hatch open so the man inside can be seen. This alternate look allows fans a second display option which is both interesting as well as impressive. The detailed sculpting and painting of Tony's face and suit interface are extremely well done and give an accurate portrayal of the comic character. While the inclusion of this alternate portrait may not seem like a lot, it's a great way to give fans who purchase the Exclusive Edition something different. After all, Iron Man - especially in this suit - doesn't need a weapon...he IS one!


    This isn't a piece for the faint at heart. At $429.99 retail, this is a statue made specifically for Iron Man fans who want to own the best and most impressive pieces. And impressive this is...

    It's hard to imagine the sheer mass of this piece until one sees it in person as it's 21" height betrays an onlooker's eyes...after all, the thing is 18" wide! That means it's only 3" shy of being just as wide as it is tall! Maybe that helps give you an impression of this piece's impressive nature.

    An intricately sculpted, perfectly painted statue, the Sideshow Collectibles' Hulkbuster Iron Man Comiquette is truly a work of 3-D comic book art. While its cost may put it outside of the regular fan's reach, those with a passion for the Armored Avenger and his many looks won't want to miss what's truly a monstrous addition to any Iron Man collection.

    - Jess C. Horsley
    - Review sample courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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