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    Hot Toys Terminator 2 T-800 Movie Masterpiece Series

    "I'll be back!" takes on a whole new meaning...

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    Hot Toys - as a part of their Movie Masterpiece Series of 1/6th scale figures - has brought back the long awaited classic movie character T-800 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Now, Terminator fans can rejoice thanks to Hot Toys' use of the finest paint application, most impressive sculpting, and newly developed upper muscular body, which makes this the best 1/6th scale T-800 figure ever.


    This time the packaging is completely different than the previously released Terminator: Salvation MMS figures, using an slipcase design with an inner box. The slip case is decorated with a very simple shinning gray/silver color, a photo of the T-800 wearing sun glasses and a SIDESHOW logo on the bottom right corner. As the US distributor of Hot Toys, this is probably considered a cooperation piece.

    Inside the slipcover, the inner box features some text regarding the story about Terminator and the T-800 as well as an endoskeleton arm printed behind the text. The slipcover is removed from the top and behind it, once can see through the window box to the figure inside. On the back is printed the information of the Hot Toys creative team and yes, you'll notice Yulli is the sculptor. (After seeing this piece, is there really any doubt she's one of the best sculptors in the world?!? She's no doubt my favorite sculptor at all time!) Inside the inner box, a plastic, form-fitting tray contains the T-800 figure along with all of its weapons and accessories.


    I’m pretty sure everyone will instantly recognize this as Arnold Schwarzenegger. That said, it does looks a little more...matured than his look in Terminator 2 (maybe due to all of those wrinkles?). The hair sculpt looks fairly natural seen from afar. That said, Yulli still captures the overall stone cold emotionless feeling of this human-looking killer robot. (Just look at the eyes and mouth!)

    We all know Arnie is a big guy, so he needs to be bigger than the regular Hot Toys body. Thankfully, Hot Toys too noticed this and specially developed a new muscular rubber body sculpt for this T-800. Standing about 13” tall, taller than typical human figure, this figure is a vast improvement on the regular rubber-skinned muscle body and is sure to be a hit with 1/6th scale fans and customizers on the secondary market (above).


    The figure includes a user's manual to show collectors how to turn the head in order to prevent causing any scratching on the neck. One of the benefits of this new muscle body is fans won’t notice much of a neck joint if seeing the figure from the front. However, you will notice the cut at the jaw and ears where it is joined to the rubber neck if seen from the side.

    The entire neck, chest and upper abdomen are made of a special rubber material that's all in one piece. You can’t simply bend the neck up and down. For the arms, it looks a bit like Hot Toys' Wolverine arms as you can display it in various poses, but there are some limitations compared to the normal True Type body. It will limit the overall poseability, especially if he's wearing the leather jacket.

    The same can be said for the legs. Due to the tightness of the leather pants, fans probably won't want to pose the figure in any extreme poses for fear of tearing the pant. But fans probably won't be posing their T-800 figures in any extreme poses anyhow.

    One of the coolest accessories, the endoskeleton arm (below) features individual finger with plenty of articulation points. However, I don’t think fans will want to play around with it too much as the fingers are super fragile. You need to be very careful when posing or bending them. In fact, the elbow joint which allows for the use of the interchangeable arm is very tight as well.


    No doubt, Hot Toys' tailoring job in 1/6th scale is one of the best in mass manufacturing. The T-800's outfit - consisting of a black leather-like jacket and pants - is very well tailored with working miniature zippers. The sides of the black leather-like pants have working zips near the bottom as well.

    It is indeed very detailed and neat. It also came with leather-like belt with buckle. The T-800 also includes his black lens sunglasses with black color frame. The figure includes black boot/feet which imitates the character's boots in the movie. These "biker boots" feature only pegs (ie - no feet inside). There is also a black colored t-shirt included to replicate certain scenes in the movie in which he's wearing a t-shirt instead of his leathers.

    The figure also includes a gold-colored rose box with a bunch of 6 roses inside. But - of course - that's not the only thing inside! The character's trademark shotgun can fit inside the the rose box as well. The figure also includes a pistol to imitates his weapon in the movie and 3 sets of interchangeable hands. Also, the very impressive interchangeable left arm with exposed endoskeleton allows fans to reenact the famous scene from the film (below). Lastly, just like almost all of Hot Toys' MMS figures, the T-800 comes with a figure base with T800 nameplate and the movie logo.


    In the recent released by Hot Toys, most of the figures are designed with realistic skin textures mainly on the head and upper body. The T-800 is no exception and is also in this category. The paint application on the head sculpt is really one of the best as it has the natural skin tone and it looks like a real person if you take picture on certain angles (above).


    Standing 13" tall, the T-800 is more mass and muscle than almost all other 1/6th figures. And even with a staggering retail price of $189.99, it's well worth the investment for die-hard Terminator fans looking to add a true masterpiece to their collection.

    While many fans are probably waiting for a DX Battle Damaged Version of the T-800, this classic look will always be popular and is instantly recognizable by fans and non-fans alike. There's no doubt Hot Toys' Terminator 2: Judgment Day T-800 MMS figure will be the highlight of any Terminator fan's action figure collection.

    - Review and photos by CK Lee
    - Additional photos by Madam Mau Mau

    Sample provided by Hot Toys
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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    Re: Hot Toys Terminator 2 T-800 Movie Masterpiece Series

    Someday I'll have to get at least one.

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