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    Marvel Universe - JUGGERNAUT & A.I.M. SOLDIER

    Final two figures in 2010 Wave 2...

    For a great selection of Marvel Universe and other exciting superhero action figures, visit!

    The Marvel 3.75" Universe continues to grow and grow with every new wave of exciting figures released. Perhaps the best assortment of figures released so far is Hasbro's 2nd wave of 2010 Marvel Universe figures which consists of the unstoppable Juggernaut, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Archangel, Havoc and A.I.M. soldier. This exciting new assortment's selection of characters packs a hell of a punch in terms of must-have characters and army-building possibilities. We are following up today with part 2 of our in-depth review of this new assortment with Juggernaut and A.I.M. Soldier.

    PACKAGING: The blister card design is unchanged from last year's Fury Files collection with the exception of the new Hammer Files logo and new artwork by comic artist Mike Deodato. The Nick Fury illustration on the back of the blister card has been replaced by one of Norman Osbourne. Each figure comes packaged with a Top Secret Hammer File envelope which includes a bio/art card, Hammer File web code and Secret File document about the character. Each figure also includes a display stand with the characters name, Marvel Universe logo and corresponding number in the assortment.

    SCULPT: These two new villains are truly impressive and are significant improvements in comparison to other figures in the Marvel Universe collection. The new A.I.M. Soldier consists a brand new body and features a lot of new tooling and sculpted details which improve its overall look making this the best army-builder figure in the MU so far.

    The helmeted behemoth Juggernaut is one of the most impressive MU releases this year as a result of the high level of sculpted detail and his imposing size. Just as with Colossus and the A.I.M. Soldier, Juggernaut is a 100% new sculpt which demonstrates the true potential of the Marvel Universe toy line.

    One particular detail on Juggernaut that is truly impressive is how the helmet and head are two separate pieces which makes it look as if the helmet is removable. While it is a bit of a disappointment that it doesn't come off, it's very like that Hasbro may produce an unmasked version of Juggernaut in a future boxed set or variant release.

    PAINT: Both of these figures are painted incredibly well with very little to no imperfections. The Juggernaut stands out a lot more that the A.I.M. Soldier because it consists of a lot more colors on his body. Although the A.I.M. Soldier is mainly yellow throughout his body, he features a darker color wash which gives it a very cool look overall. The mesh visor on the soldier's mask is also painted very well and looks great. These figures demonstrate how detailed 3.75" figures' paint applications can be if Hasbro wants to do it.

    ARTICULATION: Juggernaut and the A.I.M. are the most versatile villain action figures so far in the Marvel Universe so far. Its great to see how Hasbro is making oversized characters extremely poseable regardless of their bulky sculpts. The A.I.M. Soldier features a lot more articulation than other figures in the collection and his body is already being re-used for the upcoming Johnny Blaze Ghostrider figure.

    OVERALL: I am a huge Marvel Legends fan and prefer the 6" scale over the standard 3.75" scale but I have to say that the Marvel Universe is getting better and better with every other new wave that is released. One of the best things that this line has going for it is the vision and dedication that head product designer David Vonner and his creative team have put into it.

    Hasbro's Marvel Universe toy collection really lets you build your very own world in 3.75" scale and we cant wait to see what's next. So whether you are a Marvel fan or just love collecting cool figures in general, picking up these new action figures should be an obvious choice. These figures are available for order through right now so place your order now before they are gone.

    Miss a Marvel Universe 2010 Wave 2 review?

    * CLICK HERE for Colossus and Kitty Pryde

    * CLICK HERE for Archangel and Havoc

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Samples Courtesy of

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    Re: Marvel Universe - JUGGERNAUT & A.I.M. SOLDIER

    Great idea, wrong scale.

    Bring back Marvel legends!

    Or hey Toybiz, how about some A.I.M. techs for the Marvel Select line?

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