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    Thinkway Toys' Toy Story 3 LOTS-O'-HUGGIN BEAR

    The Toy Story Collection expands with all-new, strawberry-scented bear.


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    Thinkway's TOY STORY COLLECTION expands even further with the all-new, strawberry-scented bear, LOTS-O'-HUGGIN BEAR, seen in Disney-Pixar's latest film Toy Story 3. The Toy Story Collection intends to give toy fans the most accurate version of the movie toys possible and even includes a Certificate of Authenticity to show how serious they are about it.

    Lots-O-Huggin Bear, or "Lotso" for short, really does smell of artificial strawberries and has over 45-sayings. But priced at a non-huggable $49.99 the question will be for most toy shoppers out there if Lotso is worth adding to the collection or not.

    Standing just a tad over 12", Lotso is a fairly large stuffed bear, and as he should be since this bear is certainly made for hugging. Lotso might actually not be as big as he should be after seeing the film, but since Lotso can't even stand on his own, it's hard to say.

    While the bear's main objective is to hug, he's also made for talking (voiced by Ned Beatty) using Thinkway's inventive electronic technology. This piece of tech allows the bear to talk to you, as well as respond to the sound of your voice. There are trigger spots on each of Lotso's paws that will lead to a different saying, meanwhile on Lotso's feet he'll get on the ticklish side with sensitive buttons that will cause him to laugh and talk.

    I hope Thinkway and Disney Consumer Products consider the potential of what they could be missing out on here. There are hordes of Toy Story fans that want toys to have a life of their own. In other words, they don't want Lotso to be the toy version of Lots-O'-Huggin Bear. They want Lotso to be the character he is in the film (cane and all). Thinkway did such a great job with our Buzz Lightyear that I expected the same attention to detail in making a movie collectible, especially since they're both priced the same.

    In the end, Lots-O'-Huggin Bear would make any toddler happy. But for $50? That really depends on your own situation. As a toy, Thinkway has done it again. Lots-O'-Huggin Bear does all that the packaging boasts and more. My advice would be to watch the film first and then decide whether or not you want it. And dont forget that both Jessie and Bullseye are readily available now for the same price point.

    Review and Photos by David Yeh

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