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    Toy Company Awarded Master Toy License for THUNDERCATS

    Both classic and new animated toys planned...

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    Following the breaking news yesterday that an all-new ThunderCats cartoon was in the works for 2011 (read our story HERE), Warner Bros. Consumer Products announces today that Bandai America has been awarded the global master toy licensee for the animated series. Under the new agreement, Bandai and their international affiliates will create and distribute ThunderCats products worldwide that will complement both the classic brand property, as well as Cartoon Network's new take on the animated series.

    "ThunderCats have been a cult pop culture phenomenon for the past 25 years, and Bandai America looks forward to developing modern and engaging toys for these beloved characters," said Masayuki Matsuo, chairman and chief executive officer, Bandai America Incorporated. "Through the Bandai America and Warner Bros. Consumer Products partnership, die-hard devotees as well as a new generation of fans will be introduced to quality, innovative toys that will create magical playtime experiences capturing the adventurous spirit of the brand."

    Source: Business Wire

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    Re: Toy Company Awarded Master Toy License for THUNDERCATS

    Well, I'd don't like to sound all negative and everything right from the get-go, but when I think of Bandai, I think of those el-cheapo rotocast Ultraman and Godzilla kaiju figs or their even worse puny and pathetic Power Rangers offerings of late and so this news definitely does not make me all happy and warm inside.

    All I can say is "prove me wrong Bandai. Go out there and knock my socks off."

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    Re: Toy Company Awarded Master Toy License for THUNDERCATS

    Man, I hope this ends up being their flagship line back to goodness. I swear to god if these things show up with black joints to save money like all their other lines, I'm going to have to pass. And please please stay away from gigantic and weird proportions, Bandai.

    Color me concerned, but not out yet.

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    Re: Toy Company Awarded Master Toy License for THUNDERCATS

    This is EXACTLY what I thought of too when they announced who the Toy license would go to...They definately need to crank it up a notch from All of their prior lines..

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    Re: Toy Company Awarded Master Toy License for THUNDERCATS


    I feel like something in me just died. I was hoping Mattel would get the toy license so the Four Horseman could do the same magic they did with the Masters of the Universe toy line to the Thundercats toys.

    Warner Brothers, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!

    I really hope Bandai proves me wrong otherwise they will not be getting any of my money.

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    Re: Toy Company Awarded Master Toy License for THUNDERCATS

    I hope this turns out good. The Gundam figures from Japan I've bought over the years have been of good quality but many of their other lines have been hit or miss.

    Please let this turn out good God, please!

    I hope the new cartoon will be of high quality & does justice to this beloved property!

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    Re: Toy Company Awarded Master Toy License for THUNDERCATS

    I'm hoping as much as I can that Ban-Dai proves us all wrong because I have been waiting for new Thunder Cats toys for years and years! But then I look at their Ben 10 toys...

    Anyway, I'm a little more concerned with " well as Cartoon Network's new take on the animated series." I have been hearing wacky rumors over the years about some ideas floating around (along with one where the Thunder Cats are a crime fighting rockband) and I hope they at least keep the same premise as the original.

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