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    DC Universe Classics 13

    A robust group of great looking characters...

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    Mattel continues to deliver a wide array of exciting and obscure DC Comic characters through their highly successful DC Universe Classics toy line. The latest in this ever-growing line is Wave 13 which includes some never before seen action figures from the DC Universe along with some younger must-have characters.

    PACKAGING: The latest collection features the updated "75th Anniversary" packaging design which debuted with Wave 12 earlier this year. The new blister card also features a collectible pin and an eye-catching illustration featuring numerous DC characters.

    Another thing that has been significantly improved on in the 75th Anniversary package is the character bio section. The new layout on the back includes a larger bio while style showcasing the other figures in the wave and the Collect-and-Connect character. The only drawback about the new packaging is that there is no indication on the package as to which Collect-and-Connect parts are included with each character like the original design used to include.


    These three figures include the highest amount of new tooling and sculpted details in the assortment. The modern version of Blue Beetle is a completely new comic-accurate sculpt which is intricately detailed and looks amazing. The new version of Blue Beetle features double-hinged joints at the knees and elbows making it the most versatile DCUC figure released to date.

    Blue Devil is composed of a male hero buck body with a new head and additional costume tooling.

    The Superboy figure also features a lot of new tooling and sculpted parts that have been specially made for it. Superboy utilizes the slimmer male buck which was used for the Sinestro figure. A great example of how detailed and thorough the Four Horsemen's work is the fully sculpted face with completed eyes underneath Superboy's sunglasses.


    Yet another Super Powers figure joins the DCUC ranks and this time around it Superman's trusty cyborg Cyclotron. At first glance, this figure looks rather plain but he is actually more than meets the eye. Cyclotron features removable chest and face pieces which conceal his robotic features. The Horsemen have done a fantastic job in updating this classic character's look and he is also the first figure in the series to include a "Super Powers" logo base.

    This assortment also includes yet another member of the Doom Patrol, Negative Man. There are two versions of this character included in the assortment: regular bandaged face and a variant with unbandaged exposed face. This is a pretty cool character all around and features a lot of new sculpted parts, particularly the bandaged hands, bandaged head and belt buckle.

    The variant version has a very cool translucent face with a fully sculpted skull face beneath it. While Mattel has admitted that the transparent piece can be removed to reveal the skeletal face underneath, I was not able to remove it. However, I know of several people who have managed to do it without damaging the head.


    Feline member of the Legion of Doom and nemesis of Wonder Woman, Cheetah finally makes her DCUC action figure debut. The spotted feral villainess comes in her original retro costume and her newer more revealing look. Unfortunately, the variant version of the Cheetah variant was modified at the last minute and was given a black biker outfit. The last-minute change was most likely done to cover her fully exposed body and in my opinion, ruined the figure all together.

    The regular version of Cheetah is fantastic but I would have preferred a different face on her instead of the ultra retro one that she has. It seems like the Horsemen may have based the retro look on her Super Friends cartoon look but I cant help but think of Donna Reed when I look at her face.

    Both versions of Cheetah include a posable tail with swivel joint and bendy wire feature which enhances their overall look significantly.

    Wondergirl, aka Donna Troy, is the "black sheep" of this figure assortment. This figure is plagued by spaghetti-limbed arms and a flattened face. The head movement on Wondergirl is extremely limited due to the hard plastic hair sculpt. The elbow joints on this figure have a limited range of movement as result of the spaghetti thin arms it has.


    This devilish looking character is the tallest collect and connect figure in the DC Universe Classics collection so far as a result of his ornate cape collar. This four-eyed villainous demon from the Teen Titans books is very cool looking and includes a white fabric posable cape and staff. The figure seems to feature a new taller body that was like designed to be used in other future Collect-and-Connect figures.

    Trigon has a very unique head sculpt which features 2 pairs of eyes, blonde hair and protruding horns. The figure is composed of 7 individual parts which are included with each single carded figure with the exception of Cyclotron. Although I admit that this is a rather obscure DC villain to me, it is a fantastic looking figure and a worthy addition to my DCUC collection.

    OVERALL: The latest DC Universe Classics assortment offers a robust group of great looking characters of varying levels of popularity and genres from the DC Comics mythos. Although there are not a lot of A-list characters in this assortment, it still offers several great characters and an awesome Collect and Connect figure making this a must-have for all DC action figure collectors.

    For over 100 photos of DCUC Wave 13, CLICK HERE!

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Samples Courtesy of Mattel

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