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    Hot Toys DISNEY FRIENDS Cosbabies

    Mickey and company just got cuter...

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    Here's a simple hypothetical: Mickey Mouse and his pals aren't cute enough. Is there a way to make them cuter? Hot Toys came up with a simple solution: turn Mickey and gang into Cosbabies. The result is just what you would expect from a company that has already made Michael Jackson, Predator, Alien, and even Batman a whole lot cuter.

    The premise of the Mini Cosbaby line is great for those who enjoy different and "cuter" ways to collect their favorite brands. Each cosbaby stands 3 inches tall, expertly sculpted, and painted.

    In this set of "Disney Friends," there are six figures to collect:

    -Mickey Mouse
    -Minnie Mouse
    -Donald Duck

    Unless you order these individually from e-tailers, you generally won't know what you're going to get as each Cosbaby is packaged in a blind box. Meaning, you won't know what character you're going to get. The packaging for each figure is just as cute with silhouettes of the six characters gracing the front. On the sides you will see what the options are. Open up the box and you'll find each figure safely stored in a plastic tray.

    Throwing an extra curveball at collectors, Hot Toys has produced a super secret figure to hunt down as well. While there are no hints to what it is, this secret figure is a variant of Pinocchio with donkey ears and tail. Pretty cool right? It's so rare though that I have yet to see a photo of it.

    The sculpt style for the gang are decidedly more retro, going for a more 30's and 40's look to Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald. Pinocchio of course resembles his 1940's self and Stitch, being the most modern character of the bunch stays true to his film version as well.

    Each Cosbaby has some points of articulation: Neck, shoulders, wrists, and legs. The leg joint is pretty free though so you can rotate the toes in any direction. There is a waist joint but depending on the character, you may not be able to use it. Mickey and Minnie both come with separate sculpted shorts (or skirt) and their tight fit prevent any real waist turning of any sort.

    Also be careful with the hands though as mine have been falling off quite a bit when handling, though they go back on easy enough. It's something to be careful with however as you might lose a limb if you take it out to play.

    Accessories are pretty much nonexistent, although Pinocchio has a removable hat. It's a big awkward though as the hat doesn't stay on his head very well. One minor bump and that hat will come flying off.

    The Sideshow website had these available for $8.99 each but have since sold out. You can still search on eBay or other e-tailers. It may seem like a lot to pay, but these are very cute, heavy, and look pretty fun on the shelf. Get them all or get your favorite character.

    Other Disney related Mini Cosbaby figures include Pirates of the Caribbean, Pixar's Up, Disney Friends Holiday, and Mickey and Pals dressed up in Chinese New Year outfits.

    Review and Photos by David Yeh

    Review Samples Courtesy of Hot Toys

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