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    Hasbro 6" Iron Man 2 WAR MACHINE

    Wal-Mart exclusive a winner...

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    One of the most requested Iron Man 2 figures on the mass market today is Hasbro's Wal-Mart Exclusive War Machine. The 6-inch scale figure is hot for a good reason: it's an incredibly well sculpted, accessorized and articulated collectible. Priced at $13, it is also an amazing value.

    Sculpt-wise, the War Machine figure accurately captures the cool amped-up military look of the new armor worn by James 'Rhodey' Rhodes in the movie. It's like Hasbro's 3 3/4" War Machine super-sized. Fans of futuristic armored super soldiers will appreciate this new armor design, with its sharp, angular lines, gun metal grey paint scheme and tightly stenciled white military insignia.

    Clothes may make a man, but high-tech weapons make a man kick ***. War Machine doesn't get his name for just looking tough, this armor suit comes bristling with guns including two forearm-mounted machine guns (with intricate yellow/black warning stripes), a shoulder-mounted chain gun with ammo belt and an optional missile pod.

    The chain gun attaches to a mount that can slide the gun over his left or right shoulder. The weapon also features a swivel for side-to-side firing and a hinge joint that allows it to fold back when not in use. A flexible rubber ammo belt feeds into the weapon's right side and attaches to a slot on War Machine's back. It's a very cool display of firepower. The missile pod is also a favorite of mine. An armor piece on War Machine's right shoulder can be detached exposing a hole for you to mount the pod. If you'd rather display him without it, simply reattach the armor shard.

    In addition to his many weapons, War Machine includes three pairs of interchangable hands, something you don't see too much of these days, especially on a mass market toy. One set comes fisted, another clutching partly open, and a third set fully open for cool repulsor beam action. I have mine posed with his right hand fisted and left splayed open for an intense battle-ready pose.

    Arguably War Machine's most exciting feature is his high degree of articulation. War Machine is a prime example of how to properly combine sculpt and poseability for a great looking figure. Points include a ball-jointed head, ball shoulders with armored shoulder pads that move up and down, double-hinged elbows, swivel hands with armored wrist plates that hinge back and fourth, a highly poseable ball-joint in his mid-chest, ball-jointed thighs with an extra swivel cut, double-hinged knees, and ball-jointed feet. It's an incredible range of movement, with well-concealed joints that are firm, yet easy to position.

    The Wal-Mart exclusive War Machine started popping up in stores early a few weeks ago; the lucky few who found them sending shockwaves through the collecting community. Be patient and don't resort to the inflated secondary market (unless you don't have a Wal-Mart). With Iron Man 2 hitting theaters today, Wal-Mart stores nationwide are stocking up hard on Iron Man toys, including the exclusive 6-inch War Machine and Mark VI. I found one easily last Saturday, and at $13, it's the best mass market action figure purchase I've made this year. Highly recommended.

    Photos by David Yeh
    Review by Jeff Saylor

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    Re: Hasbro 6" Iron Man 2 WAR MACHINE

    I bought this guy late last week and I've got to say he is simply fantastic, the best iteration of the character I've ever seen. Price to quality, I'd say I'd rather have this than even the Hot Toys version coming out. He really is that good.

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