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    NECA's Freddy Krueger Bladed Glove Replica (2010)

    New Nightmare on Elm Street weapon a wicked thing of beauty...

    NECA's Freddy Glove Prop Replica is IN-STOCK NOW at,, and

    When it comes to iconic movie maniacs, Freddy Krueger ranks as one of my all-time favorites. The Nightmare on Elm Street star stood out from your typical stable of slashers with an imaginative, sinister style. Instead of dirty overalls and a mask, Freddy donned a jazzy fedora and gaudy red and green stripped sweater. Where other slashers stalked the screen in silence, Freddy cackled one-liners with sadistic glee. Best of all was how Freddy took down his victims; not by slowly stalking them in the streets or woods with a knife, but by killing them in their DREAMS... with a BLADED METAL GLOVE.

    Fugly homemade Freddy glove, circa 1987.

    As a passionate horror hound, the concept of slaying someone in their dreams was intriguing, but it was the razor glove that had the most profound impact on me. My inner geek had to have a replica. So I made one. I think I watched the opening scene of Krueger crafting his glove a thousand times, freeze-framing integral shots on my fuzzy VHS. It was long laborious work, especially since I lacked any kind of power tools. I also didn't have a blowtorch to solder on real knives, so I had to settle for hot-glued on cardboard blades. It's a fugly Freddy glove, but it's MY Freddy glove. The point of my story? To illustrate that I'm a Freddy glove fanatic. That, and leave the Freddy glove making to the pros.

    One such professional is NECA who has just released an incredible real metal replica of the glove seen in the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie. While I haven't seen the redesigned glove in action on the silver screen yet, I did get a very special hands-on preview of it back at Toy Fair in February. Let me tell you, it has been an excruciatingly long 2 months waiting for this to arrive. Jackie Haley may or may not be a great replacement for Robert Englund's Freddy, but I can tell you that the redesigned glove is a fresh and exciting new take on the original. It's an excellent homage to the classic; it retains the iconic form and function of the Englund glove, but is given a more menacing "organic" appearance with the addition of thin, bonelike strips of metal on the back of the hand. It did take me awhile to warm up to the newly capped fingertips, but I quickly grew to appreciate their more realistic design and function.

    First things first, NECA's Freddy glove replica ships in a slightly oversized "shoe box." The spacious window on the front provides a good sneak peek at the glove inside while shadowy Elm Street art lends the packaging a nice creepy vibe. It's a very sturdy box too, something fans will appreciate for future storage.

    Lifting the top flap reveals a black felt-lined plastic tray with the glove nestled inside. Slide this out and lift the clear plastic cover to behold Freddy's new wicked weapon.

    This brings me to the coolest part of the packaging presentation: a black plastic handform on which the replica comes modeled on. Just like a mannequin's hand, the Nightmare on Elm Street branded piece acts not only as a great way to deliver the glove, but adds value by doubling as an excellent display stand. I plan on placing mine in a wall-mounted shadow box, right next to my shadow boxed NECA Jason Voorhees hockey mask replica. Overall, a sturdy and attractive package.

    Now for the real meat and potatoes - the glove itself. I was giddy with anticipation to put this bad boy on, as I am sure most of you will be too, but let me forewarn you: It's a bit more complicated then just slipping it on. Unlike the classic, the new and improved Freddy glove isn't just worn, it becomes part of you - the entire device affixes firmly to your hand by a wrist cuff clamped firmly shut by nut and screw.

    To begin, lay out all your components - fingerless leather glove, bladed metal armature, screw and hex nut. Slip on the glove first. With the skeletal copper frame splayed out on a table, carefully slide your hand and fingers into place. The capped, metal fingertips should accommodate most adult hands. I'm 5' 10" with average hands and it fit me with plenty of room to spare. My wife, who I am helping try the glove on in the photo above, has even smaller hands, but even she managed to snake her fingers into the caps. NECA told me at Toy Fair that this glove replica is actually slightly larger than that used on screen by Haley, who at 5' 5", evidentally has really small hands.

    Once fitted, close the metal cuff around your wrist and slide the screw in through the lined up holes. It helps here if you have another person, but it can be done by yourself. Once the screw is in place you are pretty much good to go for casually showing it off to your friends. If you want the full Freddy experience, or plan on wearing it for a prolonged period of time, screw on the hex nut. The screw by itself holds very well, the tension between the two wrist cuff brackets locking it in place, but yeah, if you plan on flailing around, lock it down. I usually avoid the nut because it's very awkward tightening it up by yourself and makes taking the contraption off more cumbersome.

    Construction-wise, NECA's Freddy glove replica is top notch; it's made of the same materials as the real McCoy. As stated, the bladed armature is real metal; the knives appear crafted out of thick, tarnished steel and the fingers are cast out of dense, heavy copper. Each finger joint is also made extremely flexible via firmly attached rivets. Fans can rest easy knowing that this glove won't be falling apart anytime soon. The meaty blades are particularly cool looking; featuring a curved, talon-like appearance. For those familiar with the many screen gloves, these blades are very reminiscent of the "Versus" glove worn in Freddy vs. Jason.

    Another great thing about the blades is that they are sharp and pointy. For safety, the tips even come wrapped in the box. The actual edge of the knives, while convincingly appearing sharp, are in fact dull. I can live with that as I don't plan on slashing anything (or anyone) soon, but the pointy tips are a real treat. I have an old Rubies glove where the blade tips were overly rounded off, tarnishing the weapon's lethal image.

    Each of the four blades is welded on iron fast. And by "welded on," I mean these look as if they were REALLY welded on. There's nothing pretty and neat about this glove's construction; it's crude and raw in it's appearance. Scorch marks from soldering the steel blades on are left intact, while the entire copper armature comes realistically weathered and "bloodstained." The smudged blood effect was pulled off rather well and doesn't appear hokey at the slightest - no small feat.

    Another standout feature are the "skeletal" strips and wrist cuff, both of which are stamped with irregular patterns, almost as if they were randomily hammered with a chisel. I honestly don't know why or how the patterns are there, but they compliment the smooth copper fingers, giving the glove some much needed texture.

    The glove too, is well made. Where my Rubies replica came with a cheap pleather glove (which I quickly replaced), NECA packs a real heavy duty leather construction glove. It comes cut just like the classic Englund glove, with the fingertips removed, lower fingers notched and the palm removed. It is also stained realistically with oily smudges. As mentioned earlier, CRUDE and RAW, but oh so devilishly elegant in its brutal design.

    I may be partially biased in my glowing review of NECA's Freddy glove replica, but I also know garbage when I see it. Aside from the unsharpened blades (which you COULD sharpen on your own if so inclined), this glove is the real deal and not some cheap toy. It is constructed of high quality materials and is studio approved to boot.

    Freddy fanatics will know that professional glove makers exist on the net, and while I'm sure their work is stellar, their prices have always scared me. I'm a die-hard Freddy glove lover, but not a $200+ one. NECA's Freddy glove replica is insanely priced at a SRP of $60. I bought their Friday the 13th Jason machete last year for $130, and while that was a hefty chunk of metal, it was no where close to the level of craftmanship the new Freddy glove displays. It really is a remarkable price.

    Whether the new Nightmare on Elm Street is a good film or not, one thing is certain: the new bladed glove looks KILLER. NECA's prop replica is as good as it gets to owning the real deal, and for this life-long Freddy fan, that's a dream come true.

    NECA's Freddy Glove Prop Replica is IN-STOCK NOW at,, and

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

    Thanks to my wife Traci for lending a "hand".

    Review Sample Courtesy of NECA

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    Re: NECA's Freddy Krueger Bladed Glove Replica

    Just got one duder per my wifes asking you for a recommendation, this thing IS AMAZING!!!! A steal at the retail $60 price. I too have reviewed many a shop that create replicas, but never pulled the trigger on the hundred(s) required for such work.

    I have been a NOES fan all my life, and this glove hold a special place in my collection, its worth every penny.

    Awesome review my friend, the best on the net for this most excellent collectible.

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    Thumbs up Re: NECA's Freddy Krueger Bladed Glove Replica

    Awesome! Glad you finally got it brother - told ya it was well worth it!

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