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    Hot Toys MMS Kamui Gaiden

    Not all ninjas wear masks...

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    For those who think every ninja wears a spooky mask, dresses all in black, and only carries a sword, you're wrong. I know, I was surprised to hear it too, but I have the Japanese manga-turned-live action film Kamui Gaiden to thank for changing my entire perspective on ninjas.

    While most in the USA probably haven't seen the film, (it's out in the USA later this year thanks to FUNimation), fans of amazing 1/6th scale figures can pick up the film's main character Kamui thanks to Hot Toys. Granted, I don't know a lot about the character, but considering the figure is loaded with accessories, has an amazing costume, and dual-wields swords, he’s gotta be some sort of bad ***, right?

    PACKAGING: The figure comes in your standard Hot Toys window box featuring attractive graphics and images of the character and figure. The front of the box features a gatefold flap which opens to reveal the figure and accessories, which are all housed in a molded plastic tray which protects them from harm. Overall, simple, attractive and effective.

    SCULPTING & PAINT APPLICATION: Fans have been clamoring for an accurate head sculpt of actor Kenichi Matsuyama, who not only stars as Kamui in Kamui Gaiden, but previously starred as L in the Death Note series of live-action films. Now, thanks to Hot Toys, fans looking for this head sculpt have it.

    The face is accurately colored with detailed eyes, mouth, and nose. Likewise, the hair, which is molded, hangs in tangles around the front and sides with a small ponytail in the back and looks great. Accurate to the film, the sculpting and paint application is exact and near perfect. Once again, Hot Toys at its finest.

    ARTICULATION: The body used here is Hot Toys thin TrueType body with narrow shoulders and a custom neck. The body itself has over 38 points of articulation, including ball-jointed shoulders which move both up and down as well as forward and backward. The neck, ankles, and hips are all ball-jointed and the knees and elbows all include double hinge joints. Again, fans of poseability will be impressed... and rightfully so. After all, a ninja should be able to move…

    COSTUME/CLOTHING: One of the most impressive aspects of this figure is the costume, which is accurate to the film. Everything from the knotted rope sandals (which in this case are molded) to the multi-pattern shirt and skirt to the leather vest, wristlets, and shin guards.

    One of the most impressive things about the costume is the accuracy, which is phenomenal. Hot Toys spared no detail in ensuring fans of the film got exactly what they see on-screen. The stripped-pattern cloth which covers the left arm and the floral-patterned cloth which covers the right arm look exactly as they do in the film. Likewise, the wristlets and shin guards are tied to the 12" body using real cord, a detail that shouldn't go unnoticed by fans of authenticity.

    ACCESSORIES: What can I say? This figure has more accessories than the Hot Toys Batman MMS DX figure which means it's got more accessories than one can properly display. (Not a bad thing mind you, just a lot of extra pieces to store somewhere).

    The figure includes a shinobi sword with sheath, a short sword with sheath, two iron fists (which I've heard are used in a very awesome way in the film!), two kunai knives, a small bag, three pair of interchangeable hands, two shells (I have no idea how these are used in the film), and a figure stand with the film's movie logo and the character's nameplate. Overall, Kamui comes loaded with plenty of stuff to display him with in a variety of ways.

    COST & OVERALL IMPRESSION: Much like the previously released Hot Toys Goemon MMS figures, the Hot Toys Kamui Gaiden MMS figure will probably be more popular in Japan. However, that's no reason for fans elsewhere to not pick it up. In fact, once FUNimation brings the film to home video in the USA, I'm guessing there'll be quite the demand for this figure, which retails for around $150.00.

    While the price will probably attract only the most dedicated 1/6th fans, the amount of detail (including the head sculpt with an authentic likeness of Kenichi Matsuyama) and number of accessories may attract casual collectors of non-military 1/6th scale figures. Likewise, those who collect samurai and medieval Japanese-style figures will appreciate the figure's accuracy.

    Look for the Hot Toys Kamui Gaiden MMS figure wherever fine action figures are sold.

    For even more images of the Kamui Gaiden figure, CLICK HERE!

    Review and Photos by Jess C. Horsley
    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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