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    Hot Toys Resident Evil 5 Albert Wesker STARS Version

    Wesker gets a new set of duds...

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    Hot Toys, a Hong Kong production house, hit the scene in 2000 producing 1/6-scale military action figures. In 2003, they made their mark with the introduction of licensed properties such as Aliens and Terminator. Now they are one of the premier companies producing 1/6-Scale figures, making some of the finest detailed and authentic figures available today. Now Hot Toys has branched off again and created another subset to their 1/6-scale offerings.

    The Video Game Masterpiece series brings the best characters from your favorite video games to life. Continuing the line based on the Capcom survival horror hit Resident Evil (Biohazard) 5, Hot Toys brings two more figures to life complete with authentic costumes and weaponry. This review covers the new version of franchise villain Albert Wesker in his classic S.T.A.R.S. uniform.

    PACKAGING: Wesker comes boxed in the same basic Hot Toys figure packaging as Chris and the other releases in the series. The full-color box features a glossy, textured finish and has game artwork of the character on the front along with the RE5 logo. The back features photography of the figure, as well as a short bio, creative credits, and images of the other characters in the line. The flap in the front opens to reveal the figure encased in a plastic shell for protection. The accessories are packed in a separate shell that fits within the hollow in front of the figure when closed. The inside also features a landscape image from one of the many locales in the game.

    SCULPT & ARTICULATION: As with the previous version of Wesker, Hot Toys chose to give the figure a basic TrueType body for versatility of movement, leaving off the rubber sculpted body covers that hinder posing on the Chris and Sheva figures. The body clocks in a around 36 points of articulation, allowing you to easily pull off some of the great Wesker trademark poses and fighting moves. The head sculpt, which perfectly captures Wesker’s look from the games, is the same as the one included with the previous Midnight version. Also included once again is the fabulous light-up feature for his eyes. Activated by a tiny switch below his hairline on the back of his neck, the lights are extremely bright and reveal his virus-altered pupils when switched on.

    COSTUME & ACCESSORIES: Wesker is dressed in a pretty straightforward outfit that replicates his uniform from the Versus and Mercenaries modes from Resident Evil 5. His basic duds consist of a navy blue shirt and white undershirt, black utility pants, molded boots, and a navy green tactical vest with various sewn-on pockets and pouches. He also features a side-mounted holster, a knife sheath that can be mounted on his back or belt and detailed straps, clips, and rivets.

    The figure includes a great assortment of weapons and gear as well. His basic gear includes his signature black shades, a removable headset with radio, flashlight, two incendiary grenades, and his knife. His firearms include the Hydra shotgun with removable shells, an L. Hawk Magnum, and his Samurai Edge Handgun with removable clip and S.T.A.R.S. branding. He also includes three extra interchangeable hands and the standard Hot Toys display base with Biohazard 5 logo.

    While the S.T.A.R.S. version of Wesker doesn't bring anything really new to the table in terms of weaponry or sculpt (this reviewer would have rather had a "transformed" Wesker), die-hard Resident Evil fans will want to get their hands on the classic version of the ultimate video game villain so they can create their favorite scenes from the original game. Hot Toys Video Game Masterpiece Biohazard 5 Albert Wesker S.T.A.R.S. version is available now from Hot Toys!

    For more images of the Wesker, visit the gallery HERE.

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

    Review & Photos by Michael Klein

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