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    Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con GEEK CHIC

    An elegant solution for collectors and gamers...

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    One of the more unique companies with a presence at the Anaheim Comic Con was Geek Chic. It was immediately apparent that this was no mere toy or comics company. Geek Chic is a purveyor of high-end and FUNCTIONAL furniture designed for gamers and miniature collectors. As elegant as their products, the Chic booth featured faux bamboo walls and a subtle Japanese theme with logos and sword displays. Of course we were there to see the products.

    What caught my eye first were the huge "Spartan" gaming tables. The Spartan surrounds a high-quality sunken gaming surface with a heavy duty table complete with side rails to accommodate a huge variety of accessories (like various compartments, drink holders, dice holders, etc.). The gaming surface can then be covered by flat leaves for any other use. Beneath the gaming table is also a huge storage area for all of your gaming supplies and miniatures. Similar to the Spartan is the "Emissary," a dining room table that doubles as a gaming table complete with hidden desks, more storage, and plenty of expandability with the same rail and accessory system.

    But that's not all. Geek Chic also had on display the "Alexandria Codex," a really sophisticated looking system for organizing and storing comic books, cards, miniatures, and other supplies. Then there was the DM's podium with unfolding screen and compartments for everything you could ever need, as well as a prototype of their new "Hoplite" coffee table. Not content simply to revolutionize furniture, Geek Chic also makes high quality wooden swords and several gaming accessories like dice towers.

    Geek Chic's philosophy says that gamers and collectors should be proud of their hobbies and be able to incorporate them into their homes. Instead of being banished to the basement, a gaming area should be front and center, presented on a table with exquisite craftsmanship. They know that not everyone has the space for a dedicated gaming area, and so all of their tables are multi-functional with removable tops. Live in a small space? Play on your Emissary that doubles as your dining room table!

    As a huge collector of all sorts of games as well as toys, I can really appreciate what Geek Chic is doing. Too often we're forced to resort to IKEA and similar inexpensive products to display our hobby, but no more. While they are not cheap, Geek Chic has products created by and for the hobbyists out there, with attention to detail that really shows. Everything they make is custom crafted to your specifications (width, length, height, options, accessories, etc.), and if you're interested you need to put in a deposit and get on the waiting list. Geek Chic will be appearing at a number of conventions this year including SDCC, Gen Con, and PAX if you want to check out their stuff in person. Or, go to for more information.

    By Scott Rubin

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