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Following yesterday's April Fools Matty Q&A, the real Matty steps up to the plate to answer our burning questions. Read on...

You guys had quite the showing of new MOTUC product at the New York Toy Fair. Can we expect to see a similar amount of new figures at Comic-Con this year or will it be even more?

Hopefully we will have just as many if not more great new announcements and toys to show off in San Diego, but there are some things that are still up in the air.
Love the strong pine scent on Moss Man just like in the 80's. Just curious as to how the scent was applied to the figure?

The pine scent is mixed with the plastic when it is in liquid form and then pouring into the mold to harden. Well, either that or it is Eternian magic - you pick!
You have stated that Digital River has yet to resolve the issue regarding the order process having products that are in your shopping cart, become unavailable before credit cards can be charged. How long do you expect this issue to continue and why is it so difficult to correct?

We are hoping to fix this issue as soon as possible. A lot of logistical issues have prevented fixes from going forward as quick as we would have liked.
Are there any plans to amp-up the packaging for the MOTUC line in the near future or will the blister card design remain the same throughout the entire life of the line?

Right now, the plan is to continue with the same look for the near future.
When will the DC Universe Classics SDCC Exclusive be revealed?

In April.