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    NECA's BioShock 2 Prop Replicas

    Big Daddy Plush and EVE Hypo replica for the BioShock addicted...

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    Sometimes collecting action figures of your favorite characters isn't enough. For die-hard fans, more expressive items are in order; books, posters, clothing... prop replicas. BioShock 2 is one such property to me, a title so attractive in style and design that I can't have enough of it in my life. Thankfully someone out there is listening.

    Heeding the distress calls of BioShock 2 fanboys (and girls) worldwide, NECA has expanded beyond their detailed toy line to include amazing prop replicas. In stores now, these cool items are a Big Daddy Plush and a light-up EVE Hypo. The best part of these authentic BioShock 2 replicas is that you won't break the bank getting your hands on them. The plush retails for a SRP of $19.99, while the syringe is a steal priced at around $14.99.

    The Big Daddy Plush measures 5-inches tall sitting down, which will be the way you display it unless you plan on toting it around with you like a Little Sister. The odd-looking doll is made up of numerous "found" objects to resemble a Big Daddy Bouncer (read our figure review of the character HERE), the lumbering brutes that act as father figures to the Little Sisters in the game. Ironically enough, the Big Daddy Plush is not seen in actual gameplay, but instead appears in a few BioShock 2 trailers, including the debut sneak peek video below.

    [ame=]YouTube - BioShock 2 - Sea of Dreams[/ame]

    The doll features a tough vinyl roto-cast "baseball" head with plastic "push pins" and a bendy plastic wire armature that mimics the Big Daddy's unusual deep sea diving helmet. The head rotates a full 360 degrees, just like a real doll. Speaking of dolls, the body resembles that of an old Raggedy Ann - down to the red and white stripped legs. The legs swivel at the thigh for comfortable sitting positions. The floppy arms are made of thick, knotted rope with the right hand ending in a real metal thimble and corkscrew "drill". Strapped to the doll's back by red leather cord and blue fabric string is a plastic "air tank" cylinder. The device is topped by a plastic "nail" and "bottle cap". The latter stars the image of a cartoon rabbit head - the mascot for Hop-Up soda, a revitalizing health drink in the game.

    The EVE Hypo replica measures 9-inches in length and is almost 2-inches in diameter. For those unfamiliar with BioShock, EVE is one of two very important substances used in the game. EVE is a modified version of ADAM (a gene-altering stem cell harvested from a rare sea slug) which allows the use of Plasmids; super elemental powers.

    The EVE Hypo is of plastic construction, but is painted in such a way as if to appear being made of glass and metal. It is also realistically painted to look worn and used, especially the scratch marks on the logo - a fitting image of a bitten apple. The best part of this collectible is its light-up feature. By pressing the button/plunger on top, the entire syringe glows an eerie EVE blue. When lit up, it really does look as if the amazing chemical is flowing inside. Another press of the button turns the feature off. 3 button cell batteries, included, power the device and can be switched out via a small concealed compartment on the back of the replica.

    NECA's BioShock 2 Big Daddy Plush and EVE Hypo are two must-have, affordably priced collectibles for fanboys of the game. If you found yourself scrunching up your face in confusion while reading about EVE, then you're probably wondering what's the big deal. Do yourself a huge favor: pick up a copy of BioShock 1 and 2 and find out.

    I really appreciate NECA complimenting their BioShock 2 action figure line with fine collectibles like these. Fans can look forward to a Subject Delta Plush later this year and NECA is even tossing around the idea of producing an ADAM Extractor. As a BioShock addict, you can count me in.

    For even more images of NECA's BioShock 2 Big Daddy plush and EVE Hypo, CLICK HERE!

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor
    Review Samples Courtesy of NECA

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    Re: NECA's BioShock 2 Prop Replicas

    Got the EVE Hypo the other day. Keeping my eye open fot the Big Daddy Plush...

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    Re: NECA's BioShock 2 Prop Replicas

    Got the EVE Hypo the other day.
    Pretty cool ain't it? Well worth the $15. The plush is cool too - it's so darn fugly, but in a awesome "I can't believe it is made of that" kinda of way I have this strange liking to old found objects - rusted keys and locks, stuff like that - so Big Daddy Plush was right up my alley.

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