McFarlane Toys has released new photography for Savior Prisoner Daryl and King Ezekiel, two new The Walking Dead figures first announced back in October. Ezekiel comes with his Shikomizue (cane staff with removable sword), while Daryl includes a mop accessory. Check out the new pics below.

Fans have plenty to look forward to with the figure of Ezekiel, a solid new addition to our cast of heroes. Prisoner Daryl, however? I think this figure would have been better suited as a convention exclusive, not a mass market release. It wasn’t exactly a high point for the character on the show. I feel even die-hard Daryl fans will find this figure hard to swallow.

Savior Prisoner Daryl and King Ezekiel release this February priced at $19.99 each.

McFarlane The Walking Dead Prisoner Daryl and King Ezekiel

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