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-Scott Rubin

As promised we’re back with another exclusive look at some upcoming content from Star Trek Attack Wing from WizKids Games.  Last time we showed off the 6th Wing Patrol Ship and Phased Polaron Beam from the Dominion faction, but today we set our scanners on the Klingon Empire!  Check out a vessel, crewmember, and tech upgrade, and don’t forget that we’ll be de-cloaking even more reveals the rest of this week and into the next.

7 of 36 - I.K.S. Vorn

Arguably the most famous and popular Klingon ship silhouette is that of the Bird of Prey, which comes in two different varieties.  Our preview today starts with a new named vessel of the K’Vort class, the I.K.S. Vorn.  The vessel is famous for its appearance on The Next Generation, and it was the site of Worf’s Right of Vengeance against Duras.  In Attack Wing the Vorn costs 24 points in the updated system and brings with it a massive 4 primary weapon, standard low 1 agility, sturdy 5 hull, and 3 shields.  It also has the standard suite of Klingon action bar symbols (Evade, Target Lock, Cloak, and Sensor Echo), and for upgrades it can carry two Crew, one Tech, and one Weapon.

Finally, the Vorn’s special ability tells you everything you need to know about this vessel’s role as a close-range hunter; when attacking while cloaked it gets +2 attack dice against a target at Range 1 or +1 against a target at Range 2.  There are plenty of captains and upgrades that will pair perfectly with this vessel and its close-up fighting ability, and it’s a solid addition to your Klingon fleet at the reduced cost of previously released generic K’Vort class ships.

22 of 36 - Worf

Speaking of upgrades, check out the new Klingon faction Worf.  A 5 point Klingon Crew upgrade, the Federation officer gives a powerful boost to a ship of his people, letting a cloaked vessel making an attack convert all blank die roll results to hits!  While he’s not cheap, that’s a pretty incredible ability with no downsides (don’t have to give him an Action, disable, etc.).

36 of 36 - Reinforced Bulkheads

Last up for the Klingons today is a defensive Tech upgrade, Reinforced Bulkheads.  For 3 points, whenever your reinforced ship receives a face up damage card while defending, you can flip it back over (unless it was a Warp Core Breach).  The only thing worse than taking damage is suffering critical hits with lasting debilitating effects, but you won’t have to fear those with this neat upgrade!

Good luck fielding these new Klingon fleet elements, and come back later this week to see some [REDACTED BY THE TAL SHIAR] faction cards including the return of an old favorite.  Qapla’!

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-Scott Rubin

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  1. Will you also be producing a full review of the Starter Set like you did for the Romulan and Dominion Faction Packs so Federation and Klingon players get some love too?

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