Sideshow has opened pre-orders for DC Comics’ Swamp Thing Maquette. Sculpted by Paul Komoda, Swamp Thing measures 24” tall on an environmental polyresin base designed to emulate the muck and mire from which he has emerged. There is a clear water feature beneath his feet, as well as a muddy embankment with trees and various swamp fauna.


Swamp Thing’s sturdy body is made with vinyl, with PVC for his smaller parts to capture and preserve the immense detail in each layer of his form.


The Exclusive edition of the Swamp Thing Maquette includes Cranius of the Un-Men, measuring 4” tall atop a proximity polyresin base that can be displayed near Swamp Thing for an enhanced display. Cranius himself is cast in translucent vinyl, giving this formidable foe of Swamp Thing a detailed, fleshy appearance.

Sideshow’s Swamp Thing Maquette ships between September and November 2018 priced at $820.

Swamp Thing Maquette

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